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So, after slacking for a few days, here's my humanized, schoolgirl versions of PR-T and D-FIB from WALL-E. My human name for D-FIB is... Dee Fibrillator Ba-dum, CHING , while I'm trying to change the human name for PR-T, yet again. I'm kinda between "Priscilla", "Petra", or "Petronella" (okay, I kinda thought of the name Petra because of FE: Three Houses; not because they have anything in common, but because it just sounds like a cool name, and one that starts with "P" for this droid humanization), with her surname being "Cosmetic".

i imagine D-FIB to be somewhat of a combination of ojou-sama and tsundere. She's rich and has a lavish New York apartment that she'd invite everyone in to do their homework and serve them tea and sweets on fine china, but she's also quite irritable and has a "tough girl" act, especially around HAN-S/Shiatsu Masashi. As for PR-T, I imagine her to be a typical moe/dandere/dojikko character who is cute and attractive from head-to-toe, but also childish, innocent, and clumsy (I had Miyuki Takara and Mikuru Asahina in mind). And probably why she was sent to the repair ward from the Axiom beauty salon anyway.

I haven't seen anybody figure this out yet, but the "Reject Force Seven" armbands are also supposed to be in place of that red strap that they put on the robots in the repair ward in the movie.

So, not much more to say about these two. I have one more in this set to draw before moving on to other things I've sketched. So, hope you like, appropriate feedback is welcome, and stay tuned, 'cause you're watching Stephanie's Channel.

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creeperlegend195Hobbyist Digital Artist

Great job as always! Do you think that you'll be doing any more on your Directive parody anytime soon or will you leave it for a while?

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm working on two more characters right now, but I'll probably have it go on hiatus again after that, since I wanna do FE: Three Houses fanart, art for my OCs, and the work I consider my Magnus Opus of parodies, Justice! Excellence! Defense! Intelligence! (J.E.D.I.).

I do highly encourage you to browse the J.E.D.I. folder for the character designs. :D