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Retro Seattle Seahawks

A wallpaper that I kicked out for all of you old school Hawk's logo lovers. There aren't too many nowadays. Enjoy!
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Yes thank you. Those of us who have grown up with this team here in Seattle appreciate the original Seahawk spirit, but also can embrace the new leaner and meaner Seahawk logo! Go Hawks! Here we go again...anyone remember the original Bronco Buster gear? From Elway to Manning.......................
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YESSSSSS...... im a die-hard seattle fan, since i was a little girl. i loved their old logo, this is sweet. thank you so much :)
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No problem at all. I'm glad you like it! Go Hawks!
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i cant believe we lost by a FIELD GOAL to chicago! :(

next year...
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ugh. i don't want to talk about it.

next year we're putting a team together. i tell ya, next year... :)
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i'll drink to that. :)

next year...... *mad cackle*

oops. O.O
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Haha two words:


Oh and:


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next year.... hmm.. undefeated sounds like a nice wish :)

i WISH i could go to a home game! :( im stuck watching them when they come play the 49ers
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hells yeah! 12th man!
the loudest stadium in the NFL! What an honor!

my friend wants to get season tickets. that would be sooo cool.
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I would say that it looks good, but I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan and to say something like that about a rival teams logo would be betrayal. lol :P
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Since when haves the Eagles and Hawks been big rivals (other than that 42-0 game in 05. Yes, I went there)?
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Haha nice. Way to steer clear out of the path. Maybe someday I will make backgrounds for all of the teams. Ya know? For the people! haha
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wow that looks great ^^
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Thanks a lot! Nice to hear once in awhile. haha
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