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Massive thanks to AnnaBelial for suggesting my Ocean Adventure v.2 for DD and to pinkythepink for featuring it!

Ocean Adventure V2 by mtomsky
Massive thanks to Andorada for submitting my piece Growth Engine for Daily Deviation and to Talty for featuring it!

Growth Engine by mtomsky
Hey all, I'll be exhibiting and selling bits and pieces this Saturday at Barts Bazaar at Barts Pathology Museum In London! Come down to this beautiful space to check out the gruesome exhibits and maybe buy something from one of the many sellers involved. Just so you know, you don't need tickets so don't worry that the site says sold out!…
I'm very pleased to announce that my Spirited Away inspired Bathhouse is now my fifth daily deviation!

Massive thanks to KriannaCrafts for suggesting it and Erzsabet  for featuring it, thank you both for your support!
I'll be selling work at two Christmas fairs this year, so if you happen to be in or around London town then come down to say hi and check out my work in person! 

This Sunday (30th November) I'll be at the Diggin Design Fair at the Garden Museum -…
Next Sunday (7th December) I'll be at Intrigue Emporium in the Shoreditch Town Hall -…
Massive thanks to for suggesting my piece Closet for Daily Deviation and thank you to for featuring it!!
Hey all,

I'm just letting you know that I've just started an Instagram account, where I will be posting my work with an emphasis on sketches, work in progress, doodles, inspiration and potential ideas. If you are interested in seeing my method or getting involved then add me...

Massive thanks to… who suggested my piece as Daily Deviation and a huge thanks to for featuring it!

I'm proud to say that this is my third one ever and the first in my recently discovered laser cut medium. Thanks for all the love.
Finally making deeper moves into the world of internet networking and I've just started to use my Twitter account seriously. SO If you're interested in getting more updates then get involved and add me on twitter!

username: mtomsky
Sorry I've been away for so long, I've been busying myself with various commissions and such like. There's lots of new work to upload to keep your eyes peeled!

I have just set up a facebook 'like' page so if you like my work and want to see more and hear about events then go here… and click Like!
Massive thanks to for submitting my piece… for a daily deviation. I'm pretty chuffed.
I've just opened an Etsy store for prints, etchings, laser cuts and originals, please feel free to check it out and see what I have...

Currently uploaded work up for grabs includes these… and
My yet character is one of many being exhibited at the Pictoplasma exhibition in Paris this month! The show will be awesome and must see for anyone who is in the area and interested in character design.
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Hello all,

I'm taking part in a charity group show for the Japanese earthquake victims this saturday only from 1pm. My work on display will be the whole version of this and all proceeds will go to charity. Also there will be postcards of all the work for sale.

For more info please visit
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If anyone happens to be in London and passing through Shoreditch then pop down to the Grocery on the kingsland road where I have framed prints for sale of these pieces...

Lots more exhibitions in the pipe line in London town...
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If anyone happens to be in London (England) on the 17th and 18th of Sep (this friday and saturday), Im taking part in a goup show and will have prints for sale! the piece in question is and is an A2 limited edition, hand drawn, screen print and is on sale for a meagre 13 pounds!!! Unfortunately I wont be there as Im currently sunning myself in Croatia but please come along, here are the links...……
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Massive thanks to For suggesting my brass etchings… for the daily deviation today and thanks to for featuring it!!!
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Happy new year (its pretty late now i know), I'd first like to thanks everyone who entered the free print contest and i hope all the winners are happy with their Christmas prints!!

I'm looking to get noticed and kick start my illustration work, so im looking for any decent websites, internet forums, competitions, emagazines or anything of that ilk that you reckon would be good for the kind of stuff i do. Any help i get from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

I've started by signing up to Illustration mundo and illustration fridays, which both seem pretty cool if you havnt seen them i recommend you do. I now also have a Fickr account, so if any of you are on flickr please add me as i currently have no friends (boohoo) my address is . I've also bought myself a premium membership to DA which to be honest was quite anti climatic having seen all the awesome members who are on it, however now i can do stuff like put this awesome multi armed fish goddess in my journal... surely thats worth 20 quid no?   Fishhh by PirsBros

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Hello, for your chance to win a free signed print of my deviation… go to… . Postage and entry is free and its is very likely that you'll get one if you enter and they'll be some available right up to Christmas!

Also, i have a new website up which i'd be very grateful if you could check it out and give me any kind of feed back.

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I've got some work up for sale through Scouting For Art, please go to… to see what I have on offer!
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