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Blueprint for iPhone 5

Had a request to make the ever popular Blueprint Wallpaper for iPhone 5, so I did and here it is.

I created the original iPhone 4 version with some great input from another...not sure the persons name... but they added the labels to the wallpaper and I liked them so I kept them alive in the iPhone 5 version.

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This is so cool! I love it and I am already using it on my phone!
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What a unique idea :) Signal or not, this is a beauty! I love it on my iPod 5. The black version is also excellent ^_^

Thanks so much, brad! <3
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do you have these without the "signal" arrow? I've got an ipod touch 5.

thanks in advance
Hi if it's not too much to ask but was wondering if you could make a pink one something like the 4(4s) version where the lower part is darker then becomes brighter.. Thanks a lot. :)
Nice! Was wondering when a 5 version would come available.
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Yes got my iPhone 5 the day after launch no preorder, walked in and picked it up. Then someone requested the wallpaper form me and so I made it and lined the lines up better this time.
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