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Steampunk Goggles Tutorial

By mtani
Quite a few have asked me how I made my Steampunk goggles, so instead of having to repeat myself I decided to make a tutorial =)

This way of making a pair of goggles is perfect if you're on a tight budget, as you've probably got all you need in your house already ^_^

For a better picture of the finished goggles look here [link]
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Flightybird41's avatar
Thank you, now I can finally make my goggles >w<
hollyleaf152's avatar
These are so awesome
Titanium-Alex's avatar
This is great! I'm collecting tutorials on these XD Planning to make some at some point.

Just one thing, do you have a template for the pieces of leather which make the eyepieces? How do you work out how they should fit?
Thislifesend's avatar
Thank you for this awesome tutorial :D It works :D
AmeliaGearheart's avatar
You already made them??? Wanna see!
(oh, btw, mtani, I will try as well next week :) great tutorial!)
SteamBerry's avatar
thanks !
Good tutorial, and this is an original type of goggles ^^
ilvmakindolls's avatar
Wow! An excellent tutorial! Thank you!!!!!!
alesuriko's avatar
This is brilliant! Thanks so much for making this! Definitely will be making some of these in the future.
tenshiaura's avatar
Koneco-chan's avatar
muahahaha you might just have saved my halloween costume XD
Pwndu232's avatar
Sweet! Can't wait to try this myself.
Pwndu232's avatar
Sweet. I've been looking for a tutorial on how to make these. Can't wait to try it myself ^-^
ZexionVampire's avatar
I've found myself hoarding Nesquick bottle caps just to use them for making goggles. They're the PERFECT size~!
mtani's avatar
*LOL* Love it! good luck! :D
ZexionVampire's avatar
:D Thank you very much~!

I do have a question, though. Where did you get your leather? I'm having a bit of trouble finding some at a reasonable price.
Eadyu's avatar
i found some fake leather (fairly {actually, very} thin) for £6.49 per metre in Hobbycraft ^^ it looks nice, but may need some other fabric underneath to line it, for more stability
ZexionVampire's avatar
Oh, I see. Thank you very much ^__^
Eadyu's avatar
you're welcome :D
Nerkle's avatar
I would also recommend putting some kind of protectant liner on the edge of the lenses, just in case...
Killjoy-Cyanide's avatar
This would be a big help on my future cosplays :)

I'll send you pictures once I've successfully made them :D
2wicethepain's avatar
thank you! FINALLY a tutorial!
mtani's avatar
hehe, wooo! XD
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