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Sais and Violets

Titled for the weapons and the shades of purple I have used. Yes, this is Andrew, the same pose without the dragon. I removed the dragon when I did this one and changed it around a bit, retouching the hair, eyes and face on the computer and then the clothing, adding to it his weapons. Andy is one of my very fave Charries to us in RP and I have lots of poses from him that I have created to show him off.
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I love the coloring style, it adds to the atmosphere,
and the 3D weapon look his face is sexeh

i love his outfit too, old fashion-y
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heeheee! Oh god... this is sooooo old! ~covers him up and hides~ Thanks for the comment. Really.

And it is supposed to be old-fashioned as it was done for a medieval setting he was/is rped in to this day.
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hahahah awww don't hide XD
MT-Pictures's avatar
No worries
Just funny how some people can find some really old things, thats all.
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i wuz browsin ur gallery :3