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Aero BLack

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Another Alternate :-) Aero BLack
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Dude! This is Awesome!

+You Got Yourself another Fave!
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how do you get it on your xp ? why not .exe ?
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This is absolutely my favorite XP theme. One minor bug for me: the glow on the window title text doesn't work for me if the text is set to black and cleartype is on. The glow does work in your other themes when the text is set to black. But aside from that minor issue, this is my favorite.
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Oh hell yes, this is a real slick theme, its really nice, good job :)

P.S. Lovin that black n blue windows start button too!
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where's the 'un-rounded' start menu button??? :?
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i totally agree with soulsmasher, great theme but msn, gtalk notifications doesn't obvious...
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Hi there! I just downloaded this VS and was estatic because this is exactly what I need! You've mixed the gray with the black perfectly, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing it!
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tankksssssssssssssssss :-)
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by the way, it'd be much more better if notification colours at status bar would be different (i mean at a new messenger message etc)
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excellent job done, beter than ob wmp11 skin :)
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Want a better preview.

My :gallery: [link]

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The grey one looks better, this is too dark. Thanks anyway and thanks to KoL for the base...
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this is really nice, mate
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but it isnt like the other, nice work
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so many vista themes...
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