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Bus Led Display Small

By msulik
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The font was created using free software: Fony, bdfresize, potrace, autotrace and Fontforge in Kubuntu 8.04. It was inspired by city bus display (which was much more simple) and designed by me in 2003 (see [link]), and now it is converted to TTF. The font contains some UTF-8 latin characters, I am working on other latin characters and Russian letters.

The font is called "Small", because it is small ;) I plan to make "Bus Led Display Large" (I have some letters drawn yet).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License (click above for details).

If you use this font in any public work, please be so nice and leave a link in comments here :-)

The software I use is very unfriendly so any technical comments would be very appreciated.

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I was looking for US bus pixel fonts :D you helped me alot here thanks :D
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Now, there is a font editor online that is quite easy to use:
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OMG! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing! <3
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Your welcome~
excellent font, exactly what im after.
Great font... Beautiful.
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Great Font !! Thanks for sharing it.
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you're so brilliant!!!
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dude, this is awsome! nice type work!
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very effective for smaller stuff, not so effective for the larger stuff, but i'm sure the large variant will work well for that! Nice typeface!
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Exelent work!! Plus you used free soft!!!
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great name for a great set of fonts. :nod: fact it really looks like the text on the busses here at my place. :D

thx very much for the share! ;)
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