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Wanted For Sacrilige by MSTieMiss Wanted For Sacrilige by MSTieMiss
"Except it's the Weird Al version" -TehIzzy
sometimes when I'm lonely, I reread roleplays I did recently with 10 and :iconhappyyaccidents:. Our most recent one took place in a karaoke parlor and Weltraum pulled a prank on Kleinod, who didn't want to sing because he's actually really terrible at it, by playing a bunch of 80's music since that stuff was Kleinod's jam. The second time he did it, he put on "Bad" since Kleinod's a huge MJ fanboy (as I've stated 8000 times), and Kleinod actually started doing all the dance moves on stage and pulled Weltraum up with him so he could do the jumping-over-his-shoulder thing and have him dance with him. At one point Cairo actually joined them on the little stage in expert mode, while Kleinod's dancing on hard mode, and Weltraum is most likely dancing on easy mode like a white dad at a barbeque and it was just g r e a t. You should've been there
And in case anyone's wondering, Kleinod's pose is taken from the actual music video. Oh, and his jacket was off during the scene so his tacky sweater makes a comeback
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