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Two days later... by MSTieMiss Two days later... by MSTieMiss
...when all the Mars-imported candy was on sale XD Ganbatte, Masada-sensei! You can do it! 8D And if things with Yuki-onna don't work, I'll always be here for you :heart:
Pssh, anatomy? We don't need no stinkin' anatomy!
I've had the idea to do this since probably Tuesday, and was finally inspired by this lovely piece of artwork here [link] to finally carry is out. Oh gosh, I think I just turned into a hopeless Yume Nikki superfan. I don't think I've felt like this since I discovered Shugo-Chara I can't believe I forgot to draw snow originally XO I tried to emulate it on the computer, though, and I hope it comes across well.
Hahaha, and Poniko, Shitai-san, Monoko, and Madotsuki are all spying on them in the background. Have you no shame, guys? Poniko has her signature poker face, Shitai-san is liking what he sees, Monoko is toting the "NAO KISS" sign, and Madotsuki has a pair of binoculars. I repeat; HAVE YOU NO FREAKING SHAME?

Non-colored version: [link]

Yume Nikki Kikiyama
Drawn traditionally and colored on Manga Studio Debut 4
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February 16, 2013
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