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Tokyo Mew Mew Sucre Glace | Volume 1 Cover by MSTieMiss Tokyo Mew Mew Sucre Glace | Volume 1 Cover by MSTieMiss
Here she is!! Our main protagonist, Mew Garlic, on book 1's cover! I plan for there to be seven in all~ (and I didn't want to post this without releasing Mew Apricot and Mew Ginger, but letting this month pass by without uploading the cover would be worse imo)
And I learned to never underestimate how hard it is to get all those stars in the right position. No strawberries because it wouldn't make sense for this kind of story, but there are garlic flowers and the story itself has a strong flower aesthetic, so that's what I'll be using for the cover's backgrounds!
For some reason the PDF would give me a lot of problems and Photoshop would crash every time I tried to open it to save it as a PNG so I could upload it. I actually had to use a loophole in order to open it (since my "try again the next day" approach didn't work) and Photoshop crashed immediately after I was done saving it. It's really strange
Made with Manga Studio 5 EX and Photoshop CS5
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January 31, 2017
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