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These are a few of Bobby's favorite things! by MSTieMiss These are a few of Bobby's favorite things! by MSTieMiss


Bobby Barrows may be a slasher villain, but he's a slasher villain with variety! And yes, my handwriting is terrible.

Just some random, trivializing sketches of ginjinka Bobby being a dork. Some of these are inside jokes between me and :iconlateheart:, so I'll take the time to explain them (specifically "swimming" and the last two at the bottom).

When we were watching some gameplay videos for Clock Tower together, both Lateheart and I noticed that in both Laura and Anne's first death scene, Bobby always ends up busting out of a body of water. We wondered how long Bobby must have been under there and how long he must have been waiting for Jennifer to approach (not to mention how long the little punk is able to hold his breath). So we like to imagine that he had a snorkel with him, which is pretty hilarious to think about if you're familiar with the franchise.

As for the dubstep one, we also noticed that his theme music sounded very, very similar to that genre, so that's where we got that one from. Just so you know, the song he's listening to is "Sail" by AWOLNATION. And I forgot to draw his Walkman :iconohokaythenplz: Poor Dan is in agony...

Finally, the last one. I had forgotten which part of the mansion this was in, but there's a room with a bunch of mannequins wearing fancy dresses. Upon inspecting one of them, a mannequin's head falls off and Bobby jumps out from behind it. Oh course, Lateheart and I, being as silly as we are, took great pleasure in imagining Bobby wearing a dress.

Voila! Ah yes, so many more ideas for drawings I have. So many more.

Clock Tower Human Entertainment

Astrogirl500 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I support Bobby x Jennifer :heart: (in "swimming")
MSTieMiss Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Student Artist
Haha, it's a crack OTP of mine
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