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The mansion of brotherly love by MSTieMiss The mansion of brotherly love by MSTieMiss


Dan's second-favorite toy is Jennifer.

One of my headcanons about the Barrows family is that Dan has a very close bond with his brother. Although these interactions are mutual, Bobby can sometimes feel a little bit smothered by Dan. He also finds Bobby's obsession with dubstep to be somewhat peculiar.

Here, have some more fanart of the Barrows twins as ginjinkas. This also counts as my first official drawing of a ginjinka Dan. I had to put some thought into his design, mainly due to these four reasons:

*Don't have him look too much like Bobby

*Don't have him look to different from Bobby (remember, they're twin brothers)

*Don't sacrifice some of the in-game traits he has (Hence why I chose not to draw him so thin and gave him a subtly swollen eye)

*...but don't make him look creepy or gross either

I'll leave it up to you guys if I did a good job or not. I did try my best to make them look cute, though.

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February 25, 2014
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