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The Source by MSTieMiss The Source by MSTieMiss
Yup...just finished drawing this now on a spur of randomness. YAY RANDOMNESS! :squee: I drew this with :iconnaikoikidahvalentine: in mind with this epic song for inspiration [link] I meant to shade the girl's hair black, but I completely forgot about it >_> I was thinking of polishing it up on the computer, but decided to leave it the way it was so as to retain that sort of handdrawn rustic-ness. I might post a V2 of it later correcting my mistakes and making the details more noticeable. Anyway, the little lines around the images around the girl are supposed to be scraps of paper and stuff. This is a little different from my normal art style, so this gave me a chance to have some fun and play around with the drawing. I like how the perspective on the microphone stand came out. Hope you like it!
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