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The Orchard House Character Bios: Wynonna by MSTieMiss The Orchard House Character Bios: Wynonna by MSTieMiss
EDIT: Now with 50% less obsolete information!
The Orchard House and its characters  ©  Elle Baston. All rights reserved. 

Synopsis: Anzeniths, an andoroid race in possesion of Heart Charms that grant them life and special powers, have congregated into a secret organization known as The Black District with a mission to kill all living humans and reconstruct them into Anzeniths that will carry out their modus operandi. Only the Source Charm, a powerful Heart Charm with unprecedented abilities, has the potential to stop The Black District and save humankind, but its wherabouts are unknown to all. Dakota Monroe, an Anzenith who is searching for the Source Charm and on the run from The Black District for rebelling against their ideals, has the power to create Heart Charms and bond them with humans, allowing them to transform and use special powers in the same manner as the Anzeniths. In the island of Northhope, four teenagers are selected by Dakota to be the custodians of four new Charms and to fight for peace as a team of fruit-themed magical girls. However, the girls are flawed misfits from different walks of life who seem to do a better job bickering amongst themselves than using their new powers to protect the human race.


Wynonna Reese
Birthday: October 12 (age 16)
Family: Mother, father, grandmother
Likes: Dogs, crane games, spoiling her loved ones, roller coasters, memes, perfumes, candy, soap carving, the beach, her cell phone, quilting, makeup, ice skating, stalking attractive people, whale watching, soap operas, festivals, clubbing, listening to the radio, being away from home
Similar in personality to: Hikari (Futari wa Precure Max Heart); Sam (Totally Spies!); Kyouko (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Bio: Wynonna first appears in the series as Dakota’s close friend and is the mom friend of the group. A somewhat stereotypical basic teenage girly-girl, she is shy and has a vapid neutral expression but is more assertive and opinionated than Jeannine. She has a flair for drama, tragedy and the macabre, which trickles into her already-dark sense of humor, though she also has a reputation for being ditzy, airheaded and clumsy. A magical girl by her insistence rather than Dakota’s selection, she has lots of knowledge due to being around her Anzenith love interest but lacks firsthand experience as a fighter. She can’t stand Layla due to her attitude towards Dakota (however, she is also envious of her but is afraid to admit it) and isn’t fond of Cornelia either. Arguably the most pragmatic and creative of the main characters, she has no problem thinking outside the box and is always scheming. She doesn’t like keeping secrets, nor does she naturally form deep and lasting relationships, and brown-nosing is her idea of forming friendships. Her favorite pasttime is going out early in the morning to abandoned or empty locations and other places where reality is a little bit altered. She proudly claims to be related to Oscar Wilde but nobody has found evidence to confirm or deny this.


The last member to join the team is this cutie! Blueberries It's so weird to think of her as one of the main characters since she's such a latecomer to the plot. She's still kind of a mystery to me, so I'm looking forward to developing her more!

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