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The Double Whammy! (Day 4) by MSTieMiss The Double Whammy! (Day 4) by MSTieMiss
4. Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoyed.
Funnily enough, both are illustrated by Pink Hanamori XD I have a lot of anime and manga that I like despite how dumb/flawed they are, but I could devote a whole 'nother meme to that one, so I decided to go with Mermaid Melody and Sapphire: Ribon no Kishi. I could prattle on and on about Mermaid Melody, but I'll just stick to one glaring issue that I find both bewildering and utterly hilarious: How, how, how in the name of all that is clay does singing have the capability to do all of that stuff?! Destroy enemies, fizzle out attacks, BREAK DOWN BUILDINGS. I'm not kidding!! :rofl: And suddenly, all of the main mermaids at the end of the story have a boyfriend even though Kaito's the only nonhuman! What's going on here?! Honestly, I used to utterly loath Mermaid Melody because it was so fast-paced, but I forced myself to tried and, to a certain degree, came to like it. OKAY, enough about that. Onto S:RnK! Well, I mentioned my reservations toward how they handled Nylon's design and characterization, but I never talked about the other aspects of it that had me go ":iconwthomgplz:" a few times. Besides that fact that it dumbed down the original story pretty badly and made into the typical shoujo romance, I'm rather curious how all of the forces in the series, both good and bad haven't changed a bit after six generations. Man, do those descendant's parents have awful creativity for naming their kids (Either that, or they really want to carry on the family tradition). I'll probably make a video about this, not to mention the fact that I only read the first four chapters, so that's all I'll say on the matter.
Obviously awkward cropping....

And yet, despite of all that, I consider myself to be quite a fan of both series, especially the latter. Please, Kodansha USA, pick up Sapphire: Ribon no Kishi! PLEASE!!!!
Oh, and apologies for the late update. I was at church and chillaxing with my Godfather, so I wasn't online that much.

Mermaid Melody Pink Hanamori and Michiyo Kikuta
Ribon no Kishi/Princess Knight Osamu Tezuka
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