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Suzune Chiba by MSTieMiss Suzune Chiba by MSTieMiss
More The Caged Underworld/aki2 art! This one was done entirely on a whim, but I wanted to do a digital of Akifumi's sister since I haven't made one in a few years (if I even made a digital of her at all, come to think of it .-. I don't remember). What's weird is that she was based off of (and voiced by) a former friend of mine, and her new VA has her same name. That's like a Twilight Zone-level coincidence
I used the pallet based off of art drawn by my other former friend, but I initially wasn't sure about making her hair so light, but then I rationalized that, since she and Akifumi don't have the same father, it was worth keeping so they look similar but not entirely related. She has braces, which I drew in the sketch version but they just looked really weird so I erased them :/ Awww.... yo appleshorse i added chemistry puns for you check it
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Brushes by :iconredheadstock:
Made with Manga Studio 5 EX and Adobe Photoshop CS5
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November 13, 2015
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