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Queen Beryl's Logic by MSTieMiss Queen Beryl's Logic by MSTieMiss

Jadite: "Sooo...that's all she wanted to say, huh?"
Kunzite: "That's all she wanted to say."
Nephrite: "Stupid robot..."
Zoisite: "I'm hungry."

RETURN OF THE PRISMACOLORS :iconiwantitplz: Poor Zoisite was demoted to a Crayola XD I'm pretty sure Nephrite was too. How ironic. For the record, I've never seen "Invader Zim" since I don't have cable, but after going on a bit of a Tokyo Mew Mew in a Nutshell bender (or the closest thing that comes to a bender, what with there being only ten episodes at the time of writing this), I remembered that Deep Blue started quoting some in one of the episodes (At least, I think he was quoting Invader Zim. I asked :iconlateheart: about that scene and she had no idea what I was talking about XD). I think it was episode 7. Since my Sailor Moon phase gives no indication of dying anytime soon, I just had to do this drawing. I have to say, for something I drew between 1 and 2 AM, I'm really proud of how it came out. I wish I could've made the Shitennou a little taller, though. I wised up a bit from my previous mistakes, and got a scratch sheet of paper to do color swatches on with my pencils. Other than the fact that Nephrite's hair came out too light and looks like poop, I really have no regrets. Zoisite looks so stinking adorable. :iconchuuplz: Even though you can only see the back of his head. Funny, Kunzite's hair is styled as it appeared in the anime, but I colored it the way it was also colored in the manga and musicals.

Sailor Moon  Naoko Takeuchi
Invader Zim  Jhonen Vasquez
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