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I could see it.
Even through closed eyes, I could see it.
The scenic plains of a world I had never seen. A world far away from my own.
A calmness quieter than silence rested upon the land. It was night, but the dewy grass and exotic flowers glowed with a white-blue sheen reflected from the stars and moon suspended over the midnight sky. Skyscrapers of elegant trees wrapped around the space, creating an open arena before the sky and forming shapes more beautiful than anyone would associate with an everyday tree. The air smelled of the salty ocean, unseen but clear and pure. With this faint scent came memories of the sea, swimming with those who dwelled inside and being enveloped in the water's cold embrace.
I observed this all; not as me, but as a bodiless spectator. Was I invisible, or maybe some ghostly shadow of myself? I could have been a leaf on the elegant trees, a petal on the flowers as they timidly opened under the light of the giant crescent moon. Perhaps I was the breath of fog that crept slowly across the scene, a blade of chilly blue grass, a drop of water on the ground, or even the stars themselves.
It was a beautiful place. And I wanted to soak it in for as long as I could.
Then I saw her.
There before me stood a tall, slender figure, her silhouette illuminated by the celestial light from above. Her back was turned toward me and she was far away, but I could make out an ornate costume and long, wavy hair, pulled to one side in an elegant ponytail. She gazed up at the nebular sky as it twinkled in a pool of galaxies and heavenly bodies behind shadowy clouds. I gazed with her, captivated by its millions of colors, until I saw something out of the corner of my eye. From down below, a bright light. My line of vision abruptly shifted downward as I saw, in the woman's hands, a shaft of sparkles beginning to form. They consolidated into a shape, long and narrow, and, slowly, grew to a more complex form until exploding with a burst of light. From the light came a golden staff, as long as the woman herself and topped with a reflective globe, like an orb-shaped mirror, upon which rested a shining, elegant crown. From top to bottom, golden vines wrapped around the staff and beside her hands as she firmly gripped the staff's shaft.
“Lepus Golden Mirror Totem,”  a soft whispered ushered.
Then, holding it covetously by her side, she sped off down the meadows and into the distant horizon. With great urgency did she run, as if answering to some higher calling. Her unseen destination was her only priority as she glided swiftly across the grass without looking back.
I tried to run after her with my nonexistent legs.
I tried to call out to her with my disembodied voice.
Where are you going?
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It begiiiiins OvO
I'll be working on this in-between my bigger projects, since, like I said, it'll take me a while to get the actual manga version out. I have the first few chapters planned out in my head, but I'm sure this will motivate me to finalize mroe concrete details and start working on the characters more. That being said, enjoy!
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