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OC Tourney Entry - Weltraum (The Caged Underworld) by MSTieMiss OC Tourney Entry - Weltraum (The Caged Underworld) by MSTieMiss

-Name: Weltraum
-Species: Ghost
-Age: 18 (physically/mentally)
-Height: 4'8''
-Weight 25g
-Powers: Can manipulate fire, lightning and metal. For a quick getaway he can transform into a blue Pacman-like ghost, enabling him to fly and phase through solid objects. However, this technique doesn't work if his emotions are heightened. His powers can affect non-ghosts if he wills it
-Fighting Style: More reliant on brute force than defensive combat; due to him being blind and having nothing to compensate for it, this puts him in a unique position as a fighter, so he'll get creative and use the abilities he has already to give him a navigational foothold (such as using his lightning powers to bounce electrical charges across a 50m range and back to his hands and feet to get a reading of his surroundings); has a lot of willpower and will always get back up when he's knocked down
-Strengths: Works well in both a team and by himself; very resourceful; quick, agile and deceptively strong; stays motivated and concentrated in a fight and focuses solely on beating his opponent; adept at both hand-to-hand combat and using his powers
-Weaknesses: Doesn't conserve his strength well; follows other's strategies and rarely comes up with his own, making him a predictable fighter whose techniques can be studied and used against him (to use an analogy, he'll pretty much just keep spamming the A and B buttons for the entire fight lol); because his vision is so bad, he relies on his other senses in order to determine what's happening in his environment, and those senses can be exploited; pretty bad at ranged combat; his hair and coat are long and can get caught on things or grabbed to detain him; lacks depth perception and sometimes (but not often) assumes things are closer to him than they really are
-Weapon: Has a white cane that he can turn into a pair of black and blue boxing gloves (which i drew horribly here, they're more big and boxy like garnet's from steven universe), which assists him in terms of getting readings -- see Fighting Style section. In theory, his cane could also be used as a bo staff, but tries not to use it for this purpose out of fear of potentially breaking it


Updated ref sheet for :iconbluexcanary:'s OC tourney!… I realized that Weltraum pose is almost exactly the same as Kleinod's here… but since they're boyfriends I guess it's okay lol
BlueXCanary Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017   Digital Artist
IT'S COOL MY DUDE the tourney is off anyway lol. I'm making a consolation poster though so having this is useful.
MSTieMiss Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student Artist
CRAP I'M SO SORRY!!! I like the idea of a poster though, that's cool! :0
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