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NaraMorio: Subaru by MSTieMiss NaraMorio: Subaru by MSTieMiss
I wonder how many of you guys remember this character from my second account. After finding some digital art tutorials a couple days ago, I wanted to draw her to apply these new techniques. I'm still kicking myself for fogetting to color in the blonde streaks she has in her hair...
But yeah, anyway, meet Subaru Asami, the main character from one of my (many) mangas, "My Love From Nara to Morioka" (or NaraMorio for short)! She lives in Nara with a single mother, owns two hamsters named Felix and Pepper, loves seals and punk rock fashion... and is flatter than a soda
I'm looking forward to writing her story and sharing it with you all, and I want to try and submit it to Seven Seas Entertainment. It's a slice-of-life story, so I don't have to worry about worldbuilding or anything, which is a relief compared to a lot of my other stories (lol)
I hope you like this drawing and that you found the speedpaint entertaining! i can sleep now~
Tartan textures by :iconrayedwards:
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Made with Manga Studio 5 EX and Adobe Photoshop CS5
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February 12, 2016
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