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May the waves rise to meet you, little buddy by MSTieMiss May the waves rise to meet you, little buddy by MSTieMiss
In loving memory of one of my Siamese Fighters, Nylon (bet you can't guess who's he's named after). One of the parishioners at our church gave him and another betta (whom I named Regan) so that they could have the TLC they deserved since his daughter was allergic to them. He got his name because his fins where bigger and more flowing than Regan's.
From what I gathered in the seventeen days that we had him in our care, he seemed to be more jumpy than Regan, puffing out his cheeks if I got too close to the glass of the tank, and even going so far as attacking his own reflection. He was a lot bigger than Regan, and was always eating roughly twice the amount of Regan's share (Up until Nylon's last days, Regan always seemed to have something personal against eating, so this wasn't an issue of overfeeding). But he still had a great personality, and he was arguably my favorite of the two on aesthetic appeal alone.
Recently, Nylon seemed to have a sort of nihilistic outlook on his life (if there is such a thing as a nihilistic fish). He seemed less happy, and he wasn't eating as much, to the point that he seemed to be deliberately ignoring his food. When my mom fed him breakfast today (before I woke up), she noted that he was moving very slowly, and just let his food fall to the bottom of the tank.
Three hours later, she shared her suspicions with me, and when I went with her in the kitchen where we keep the tank, it sort of confirmed what was going through all of our minds. Nylon was facedown on the ground between the wall of the tank and his beloved seashell, as stationary as an envelope.
I know it sounds like a Sailor Moon line, but as I saw him there while checking to make sure that, by some slim chance of hope, he was asleep (Yes, it seems that bettas are capable of sleeping), I could see the sickness that he may have gone through over the past week. His color had taken on a shade of brown, and I could see a faint outline of his skeleton from the angle he was in. I don't know if this is typical of bettas when they die, or even just fish in general, but I certainly noticed that (Actually just a few seconds ago, my mom noted that he's changing color. He looks more yellowish-brown). For some reason, after this incident, I seem to have a greater sense of affection toward him as a pet owner. Knowing now that his previous behavior would eventually lead to his untimely passing, I can detect some sort of indication that even though he knew he was going to die, he didn't want to go just yet. He wasn't at his full strength, but he wasn't weak either.
I know, I know, he's just a fish, fish have short lifespans and consequently their deaths aren't normally sympathized as deeply as, say, a dog or a cat or a rabbit, et cetera, et cetera. As a youngling I had both pet goldfish and a love for water and marine life in general. Plus, after we had to get rid of our previous fish, I wasn't allowed to have any more pets until I either learned Spanish (Please bear in mind that I'm Hispanic and Spanish was my first language) or if someone offered us a pet. Those elements combined gave me a great sense of happiness and nostalgia as a fish owner. I have a great emotional attachment to those fish, and even though I know that Regan is still alive and kicking (swimming?), it still makes me sad to know that one of my finned friends is no longer around.
Interestingly enough, today is also the first day of the fast centered on the Dormition of the Theotokos (The mother of God). I'm not going to get all philosophical on that regard, not to mention how offensive it would be to compare Mary to a fish, but I still find that strangely interesting.
Nylon has been given a proper burial, complete with a DIY headstone. We removed the partition in the fish tank and Regan is overjoyed at all the extra space. You little buttmunch, you.

I know that fish don't have souls, so there is no "great fishtank in the sky", but still, at least I can pretend....
I love you, Nylon.
02Aya Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwwww.... this is just so sweet and sad. :( I lost a couple of Goldfish I had really been attached to. (had them for almost 4 years) Namine and Reno. Buried them in the backyard. A lot of people think it`s weird to be so attached to fish but I think it`s good. This is the only life they get ya know? So it`s good your fish had a loving owner. :)
MSTieMiss Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Student Artist
Thank you c: Wow, your fish lasted a long time for you :3 Cute names, too! (Mine are just intentionally weird XD) That's what I did with Nylon too, complete with a little grave marker. I hope no cats try to dig him up :iconwthplz: 
Again, thank you so much ^.^ Really means a lot to me. And thanks for the fave too :3
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