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Lamentations of a Ribon no Kishi fan--DOS!! by MSTieMiss Lamentations of a Ribon no Kishi fan--DOS!! by MSTieMiss
Part 1:
*Obligatory Spanish*
Dang, I haven't posted anything new on this account in exactly a month :iconohdearplz: Really sorry about that. Actually, I tried to upload this back on the tenth, but DeviantArt was glitching and you couldn't see the actual image. I forgot about it for a while, but then decided to pull it out of artwork purgatory and re-upload it here.
As you can see, I posted this wayyyy back in June 30th >_>
....yeah, I fail at life.
So basically, I drew this while :iconlateheart: was over at my house. This drawing kinda speaks for itself, so I won't go into any further details. However, I will say that since he seems to have a habit with sticking his tongue out in Sapphire: Ribon no Kishi, I went and thrust that in there.
This probably won't be the last of me immortalizing Nylon on here. I have about four more comics featuring him lined up, and I plan on posting a stamp of Sapphire slapping the bejeezus out of him during that scene in episode 1 (Yes, I went back on my word). Oh man, that was freaking hilarious :rofl:. What can I say? He is my second-favorite character (Although something tells me that he would turn purple with if the potion used in episode 1 were poured on him. S:RNK Nylon, not the original one).
Oh, speaking of the anime version, does anyone know where I can find subbed versions of the original Japanese version of Ribon no Kishi for episode 2 onward? I'm able to find English subbed episodes, but they dub language is in Arabic. If it really is impossible for me to find the former, then I'll suffice with the Arabic version (After all, I do want to learn Arabic), but if you know of a website that has subbed Japanese, please, send forth a link!
Lately, I've been getting more serious about really learning Japanese. If Kodansha USA hasn't released English versions of Sapphire: Ribon no Kishi by the time I finish, I'll most likely get them as a way of rewarding myself.
Thanks for the sketchbook, uncle Jim! ^o^
Princess Knight/Ribon no Kishi Osamu Tezuka
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July 17, 2013
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