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Lamentations of a Ribon no Kishi fan by MSTieMiss Lamentations of a Ribon no Kishi fan by MSTieMiss
Wow. OVERREACTION MUCH, ELLE? Great barrier reef +_+
Now don't get me wrong, I do like the Natsuko Takahashi version of Princess Knight (although not nearly as much as the original), and I actually read the first two chapters before I even read the original :rofl: Needless to say, it didn't make very much sense to me, so I ordered the original from the library. Funnily enough, I went to Tate's with :iconlateheart: the very next day and they had them both there.
Obviously I bought it. Now unfortunately, the discount was only for one item so I couldn't buy volume two (It hasn't come in from the library yet either, so PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!!
*Edit: Just read volume 2*). Oh my gosh, what a beautiful series :iconrlytearplz: SO then I went back and read Sapphire Ribon no Kishi again just to see how much it paled in comparison to the original, aaaaaaaaand.....this occurred. Honestly, when I identified who Nylon was in Pink Hanamori's style, I was more like :iconohokaythenplz:. But you know me. I have to make everything all dramatic (Especially since Nylon's my second-favorite character, Sapphire being the first. *obviously*). Honestly, Pink's art has improved A LOT since Mermaid Melody, but Nylon's apparent rhinoplasty didn't go unnoticed (Yeah, I'm aware that he's a descendant of the original Nylon and that times have changed a lot since Osamu-sensei was in business, but come on, they were practically asking for it)
As I was drawing this, I just knew knew I had to draw a picture of Satan quoting Darth Vader. Don't taze me, bro. For the record, this is before I discovered that they made Nylon a satanist in the anime, the inclusion is entirely coincidental. Yeaaaaaah, not watching the anime now > <

Princess Knight/Ribon no Kishi Osamu Tezuka
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