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KunZoi sketchings by MSTieMiss KunZoi sketchings by MSTieMiss
Phew! I feel like I need to re/watch some anime so that I can give my gallery some more variety. This is the eleventh Dark Kingdom piece I've uploaded in a row (I know I've been wanting to watch Pretty Cure, Tamako Market and Fantasista Doll. Hmm, maybe I can work that last one in with my Sailor Moon schedule. After all, it is only twelve episodes long. Madoka Magica was that long, and I was able to knock it out in a single day).
I'm sorry, I'm going off on a tangent u.u This is just a little KunZoi tablet doodle I did earlier today, this particular style of sketch being done in homage to :iconlafressiajiang:. Kunzite was originally supposed to be taking a group selfie with Zoisite, but as I drew it out, I knew I wouldn't be able to convey that properly, so I just decided to have them going on a date instead. With flower petals a-fluttering in the background. I must admit though, I'm not too pleased with how Zoisite came out. But I should try and attempt that selfie drawing again someday.
And as of typing this, I am currently on episode 34. Episode 31 has to be my favorite by far, all because of the sheer amount of humiliation Zoisite had to endure (Boy, if Nephrite were still alive XD). And his little jealousy fits in episodes 29 and 32~~~~~ :iconmoeblushplz: AaaaaaAAHHHHH BE STILL BY HEART :iconifaintplz:

(Sickness, I'm telling you)

Sailor Moon  Naoko Takeuchi
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May 13, 2014
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