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Inking practice by MSTieMiss Inking practice by MSTieMiss
I did this drawing two days ago in an effort to model after an inking style for a favorite artist of mine and see what I can learn from the experience. Since PEACH-PIT's one of my favorite artists, I went with them for this exercise. This is supposed to be the beginning of chapter 3 in volume 1 of Shugo-Chara, on the opposite side of the splash page (if you have that volume handy, you can compare and see how I did). Yeah, I messed up the eyes and the skirt, and the lines for the blazer are uneven, but we can't all be perfect on the first step now, can we?
So what do the rest of you guys think? It was a little tricky, considering I had to draw parts that were obscured by the text and whatnot, but I think I did a good beginner's job in terms of trying to replicate the drawing.
Since I wanted to keep things simple, I just used pens and a mechanical pencil. The specific brand of said pens are Pigma Micron, and I used 08 for the outlines, 005 for the eyes and greyscale lines for the skirt, tie, neck, socks and hair clip, and the brush for the blazer. The pencil I used for the shadows on the head left by the hair. I also used Microsoft Word for editing the brightness of the drawing.

Shugo-Chara PEACH-PIT
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November 26, 2012
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