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Influence Map meme by MSTieMiss Influence Map meme by MSTieMiss
Original: [link]

I suppose this is the part where I add my influences and why.
PEACH-PIT: They're one of my favorite visual artists and I try to pick up notable drawing tips from reading their mangas (especially Shugo-Chara) that might help me out in the long run. I sometimes find myself comparing my art to them and often feel like my work is rather inferior to theirs :iconsadfaceplz:
RANDOMNESS: Well, when you have the same stuff as I do (stuff that probably only :iconlateheart:, :iconradiant-wolf-girl: and :iconjadedragonfire: know I have), STUFF happens. And said STUFF tends to spawn random ideas in story scenarios.
MUSIC: Music plays a HUGE part in my story writing. I always bring my iPod with me in the car so I can listen to music and stare out the window while imagining scenes in my stories (mostly concerning Lucas messing around with explosives and getting the crap beaten out of him with chainsaws). The longer the car rides, the better. I consider it my own personal OT. And, as you can probably tell, "Florence and the Machine" is the artist I listen to the most. "Cosmic Love", "Seven Devils", "Howl", "What the Water Gave Me", "Only if For a Night" and "Blinding" are currently my favorites. "Sail" by AWOLNATION is another favorite of mine, and it reminds me of Lucas in a majority of ways (Pretty much everything does. Just ask Cafcow). Whenever I'm working, I usually have music playing on iTunes. I actually remember this one time where I was listening to this one song (Numa Numa techno remix, in case you were curious), and out of the blue, I decided to add a plot detail in it, and the story was pretty much COMPLETELY changed for the better.
Ahh, sweet imagination :D
DREAMS: I am quite prone to having EXTREMELY weird dreams (Think of the offspring of Pink Floyd and Grimm's Fairy Tales, and you've got my dreams in a nutshell), and the lion's share of the mangas I came up with are all from dreams (Finding a Way, Experimental Film, Ashitaba Nadeshiko, Tokyo Cafe, Husband Grimm plus 1). Whenever I have a dream that I feel has elements that contains potential for a good story, I write it down, and usually flesh out the story within the day. I really do think those kinda of dreams are God's was of helping me expand my creativity, because not only is it expanding my writing field, but it also helps me with improving characters from my other series.
THE INTERNET: Sometimes when I'm surfing the internet about certain topics (especially when I'm researching stuff like alcoholism and bipolar disorder. Feel free to ask me about why I tend to wiki those. I'll be happy to answer), I tend to go on little rabbit holes, and that kinda expands my knowledge about the topic I'm researching, and it helps me a lot when I'm trying to make a character less of trope and more well-rounded. Some of these websites include the good (, Wikipedia), the 50-50 (TV Tropes), to the plain hold "what the heck was I thinking at the time?" (And THAT, my friends, is why reading up on Robert the Doll at four in the morning is a bad idea)

And I believe that's pretty much it :)
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