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Hikaru Shido (Day 11) by MSTieMiss Hikaru Shido (Day 11) by MSTieMiss
11. Favorite Mech Anime.
Honestly, when I first saw what I had to do for the 11th, I was like, "Ohhhhhhh noooooooo, what do I do? I don't like mech anime and consequently I don't watch it. What am I supposed to pick, Evangelion?" But then I realized, "Wait, a minute. Magic Knight Rayearth constitutes as a mech anime, doesn't it? MY BUTT IS SAVED!! :iconretardiloveitplz:" But then I was like, "Oh boy, I don't have to draw the mashin, do I?"

Wow, mech anime on 9/11. Is that bad timing, or is that bad timing? :iconfacepalmplz:
I don't know about the rest of you, but I really, really enjoyed Magic Knight Rayearth. Rayearth II wasn't as good as Rayearth I in my opinion, but I think it did a good job wrapping up the series. I'm shocked that so many people hate it :iconimspeechlessplz: I've only read the manga, but I really should watch the anime (Especially since Emeraude is voiced by Megumi Ogata :iconyeahplz:). So yeah. My favorite mech anime/manga/whatever :meow: I just woke up, so I'm a little foggy, hence the lack of dialogue.

Magic Knight Rayearth CLAMP
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