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Cover: Salem and Wallace's Monster Academy by MSTieMiss Cover: Salem and Wallace's Monster Academy by MSTieMiss
For 12 year-old Astrid, Finn and Matthias Nightshade, change itself has become constant.  Their parent's high-travel jobs often mean dropping everything and moving across the country without much proper warning, and the triplets have grown used to this way of life.

Now that the kids are in middle school, they have been enrolled into a boarding school in the Pacific Northwest while their parents continue working.  Owned by the enigmatic and eccentric Caius Wallace, this academy is unlike any public school Astrid, Finn and Matthias have ever attended before.  It's hard to fit in at a new school, especially one that caters to gifted children...with supernatural origins.

With ghosts for dormmates, giant insects for teachers and baby vampires as class pets, how can the Nightshade children learn to find their bearings in a school where they seem to be the only human students?
Every time spooky season rolls around, I get inspired to revive my almost ten-year old haunted school project, uhuhu. This time it's official~ >w> sorry that it's a day late 'orz
I hope you enjoy!

Model:…, photographed by :iconcathleentarawhiti: 
Background: :iconashensorrow:
House, trees and statue: :iconroy3d:
Brushes: :iconredheadstock: and :iconlileya:
Heavily influenced by :iconmirellasantana:'s beautiful covers
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November 1, 2016
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