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Akari Fushigino, Nagisa Yumeyama by MSTieMiss Akari Fushigino, Nagisa Yumeyama by MSTieMiss
I posted about Dancers in the Dream Well once before, so here's my second piece of art to share on here for my "magical girl" story (there are fantasy elements but the term magical girl is kind of in the eye of the beholder). Back then I wanted to release it as a manga, but I switched over to making it an RPG (I've had this back-and-forth for several years in fact, but it's finally been decided. I was inspired by meltychan's recent endeavor with her game lettre), so these are the game sprites I made for the main protags in their school uniforms! I didn't want to use RPG Maker's typical chibi sprites, so I made my own template entirely from scratch. Now to start doing rotations and walk cycles...
Pixel art is time-consuming but it's really rewarding too, and I'm not very experienced with that kind of art or making RPGs in general (Kleinod's VA is helping me out). I think these turned out pretty swell, it looks kinda like they were done by somebody else...
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Made with Adobe Photoshop CS5
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April 9, 2016
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