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A Million Voices Quest | Weltraum by MSTieMiss A Million Voices Quest | Weltraum by MSTieMiss
Second Alpha Team member ahoy! Now, for those of you who've played the original AMVQ game, you may be thinking to yourself, "WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA HOLD THE PHONE THIS ISN'T EITHER KYON OR LUCAS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO KYON AND LUCAS". The truth is, I'm planning on writing a fanfiction of sorts about AMVQ, but the thing is, I can't use copyrighted characters (Lucas is my original character, so he'll still be in the story), so that means Kyon's going to have to stay behind and continue to be tortured by Haruhi for this one. I'm really sorry about that, guys. So, since an Alpha Team with two members is hardly an Alpha Team at all, I decided to replace him with my latest OC, Weltraum (Which is German for "space") from an original story of mine, "The Caged Underworld" (Tentative title). I feel a little funny about posting a drawing of him (yes, that is a young chibi male you're looking at. I based his design off of Zoisite from Sailor Moon) on my more casual account, but it would kind of disrupt the flow of AMVQ fanart if I were to post it on my other account. You know what I mean?
This also counts as my first colored drawing of him! It was pretty hard to coordinate his color scheme, what with it being rather monochrome. In case it's not any indication, he's a poltergeist, hence his astonishing lack of melanin. Go outside and get some Vitamin D therapy, dude!

Holy mother of parsnips, he's so cute :iconloveloveplz:
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November 7, 2013
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