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A Million Voices Quest | Lucas by MSTieMiss A Million Voices Quest | Lucas by MSTieMiss
HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ALL OF THE AMVQ ART IS OFFICIALLY DONE!! And boy, was it ever fun! :iconkaminaonionplz: Thanks for providing the epicool outfit, CC!
Lucas was....oh my word. His personality in the game was so hilariously awesome XD It was kind of my fault, because during my role-plays, I never delved too much into his personality, which was done for the sake of avoiding potential Blood and Gemstones spoilers. As a result, when he was adapted for the game, he was SOOOOOOOOO OOC. I'm not kidding, when I would summon him during battles, he would always be like, "But...what will happen to my beautiful face?" or, "I'm to young and beautiful to die!". Of course, with most people, some defense will go up if their OC is being portrayed incorrectly, but in my case, it was hilarious rather than insufferable. (It's not your fault, Randee!)
In the sense of their paleness and dress tastes, he and Weltraum seem to have a lot in common, huh? o: Hey, what are you eating a donut for? Don't you know that fried sugary fat and bipolar disorder don't mix?! Hey, I'm talking to you!!

Funny, they all seem to be doing the pose from the front cover of YuruYuri...
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November 7, 2013
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