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A Million Voices Quest | Elle by MSTieMiss A Million Voices Quest | Elle by MSTieMiss
Last girl! This time it's me, Little Ms. Accio! Actually, in the game, I went under my real name (Seeing as it was made before I got a DeviantArt account) as well as my last name o: However, in the interest of concealing my identity to the Internet population at large, I just titled the picture with my online name, Elle. Hmm....I feel like the coloring could've been a little better on this one .3.
And to the original AMVQ players, you'll notice that my outfit design is RADICALLY different compared to my in-game persona. For those who are wondering what my original persona looked like, you can view this lovely deviation by :iconremoteangel: here  The reason I changed it was done in favor of not drawing her in such a short skirt. A little hypocritical of me, but there's a reason for that. Don't worry, I'll be drawing her/myself again in an outfit based on her original AMVQ garb.
The hat's a little...
And now that I'm done, it's time to add everyone (And by everyone, I mean the original AMVQ players)'s favorite bumbling, all-male heroic trio...
....The Alpha Team >:3

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November 6, 2013
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