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12 Days of a Sailor Moon Christmas|Day 4 by MSTieMiss 12 Days of a Sailor Moon Christmas|Day 4 by MSTieMiss


WHOA HOLY FISH PASTE, I GOT THE SHITENNOU FOR CHRISTMAS?! :iconiheartitplz: WHOEVER DID THIS REALLY IS MY TRUE LOVE!! Oh my gosh, Zoisite's legs are a mile long. This is actually pretty fitting, what with the Dark Kingdom's base of operations being located in the North Pole and all. And I admit, Four Shitennou is a little redundant.

This was a really, really fun one for me to do, both in drawing and coloring. Once again, no references where used, so pardon any discrepancies between fanart and source material. Eagle eyes will notice that Zoisite has on earrings made to replicate Christmas ornaments. I don't know if I like how Kunzite came out. His arms are kinda noodle-y :iconimspeechlessplz: But one thing I do like is that he looks more mature than in my previous drawings of him, like someone who truly is in his twenties. (And Zoisite's sixteen o____o He's too old for you, dude! Why do I bother shipping you two?!)

Apparently, according to Nephrite, one Reindeer Games isn't enough for the Legion of Doom. Really, Jadite, Myspace? As if the fact that you don't have that smexy long hair isn't enough, you openly confess that you have a Myspace? Dude, you've got a disease. No offence to any Myspace users.

Rose and heart brushes provided by :iconredheadstock:

Bokeh texture provided by :iconrayedwards:

Sailor Moon  Naoko Takeuchi

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December 16, 2013
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