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I feel ambushed

1. Your persona/fursona 
Your character that represents you! 

First of all I have to mention that most (if not all) of my characters have bits and pieces of me in them. Sterre however is the one that, I think, represents me most. At least the me of the time I wrote her (which is over 8 years ago and I changed quite a bit since then). Physically she is tall with blonde hair and green eyes, which is based on my own physical features. Also she got a name I always loved. As for her character: she is independent, hard headed and determined. She has a way of always getting / achieving the things she puts her mind on. She got quite a temperament and I recognise a lot of her unmanaged anger - she rather fights than flights. She won't back down for anyone. I was a lot more insecure back in the day and looking back now I think Sterre represents a lot of the person I kept inside but couldn't properly let out at places like school. Now I am not afraid anymore to speak my mind - especially to people who think they can put me in place. I am a lot calmer though, less angry, than she is in the stories I wrote. And I hope I am also a bit more considerate about the feelings of other people. But, in the end, I am most of the time a person that goes with reason before feelings and sacrificing one of the greater good. Oh. And were Sterre is probably the most ambitious creature in the world - I am not ambitious like at all. No universe were I would ever been queen. But hey, there I got this blazing character for <3

2. Your 'Guardian Angel' 
You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong. You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.

Writing the answer to the first question, I have to recognise that I have deeper emotional connection with Sterre than I care to admit - I sure think she was my guardian angel back then. As for now, I don't think i really have a 'guardian angel'. I mean Myou is a total angel in her own right and Flight is a good outlet for basically anything and everything, but I don't see them specifically as my protectors. If I want to disconnect from the real world, I simply tune in with all of my characters and see which one is up for a story. The only character that comes to mind if I think about a specific protector is May/M'hor, who is much like a princess-assassin (sorry I don't have a page or anything for her) and my first memory/vision/idea of her is through the eyes of her lover who she is about to kill. So I really have no clue whatsoever why I would think of her, when I think of a guardian angel. Ok. I sort of do, but it is complicated, because she protected the soul of her lover with her own soul their whole immortal existence after both their deaths in their original world.

[reference] Myou by mssmrphs  [reference] Flight by mssmrphs

3. Your Sunshine!
A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors. or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun. 

Back in the day it used to be Channah (a friend of Sterre). Now I think that's Katar . She is born in the desert, as part of a gypsy clan, outside everything of the normal world. She had no concept of things like weapons, money, politics, until her whole clan got attacked and abducted/killed. And even after that she remained free spirited and overall happy. She is my blazing little bee who loves painting and all bright colours of the sunset. She loves to dance with the sand underneath her feet and do all kinds of crazy stuff. She knows how to be happy - something which is a lost art among most of my characters. She lives a simple life, and she loves it. She has a way to bring more worried-based characters down to earth and remember them to relax - the universe will wait.
Another carefree character I created more recently is Vesper. I still don't intend to keep her, but she is definitely one happy sunshine creature. She is based on hot summer nights on a tropical islands. She loves everything that is a bit crazy, beautiful and radiating with love - if it is either love for the land, the dance or the people. Her moodboard brings you directly to that one beautiful summer holiday we all long for. Yes, she definitely is a little bit of sunshine.

4. The Odd One
The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?

I don't have odd characters. Which is not true of course. Flight is totally crazy, but he is also the love of my (writing) life, so he doesn't qualify I guess. I think I have to mention Jackdaw here. He is ... I don't even know where to start. I have him lying around for ages, and the only thing I had sharp for years was that he was a god and a friend of Flight. By now I decided that the other Gods cast him out and took his immortality as punishments for all his mischievous tricks. His sister (Ua) showed mercy and granted him a Kingdom of his own (Land of the singing clouds - Lasinco). Like some kind of lucifer or dark Peter Pan he tricks young boys in coming there: they get to live in world with no rules, play in the woods, start fires, do whatever the hell they want for the rest of forever. They don't know, however, he is taking their life-energy to remain immortal. The only rule he maintains is this: if you come, you can never go back. Main reason for this is, of course, that time stands still in his Kingdom, that is why he can take their energy, and they don't die. Would they return to the mortal world, they would immediately change to their real age - and die. That's why the only ones that survive an escape from Lasinco are the ones that are immortal. 

Another oddball is probably Fern, who is an agender horse of the night fae court and changes colour depending on the time of the day.

[jackdaw] Poison Prince by mssmrphs  [reference] Fern by mssmrphs

5. Sentimental Value
Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old? 

This one is easy, I guess: my most precious creature is Myou. I think in all my career as a writer I successfully wrote one angel. She is the one. There isn't really anything I can add to that. She is a forest baby made of stardust and night skies. When she falls in love, it is forever - just ask Avareth. In none of the stories I wrote for her, she had an easy start, but she never seized to find the beauty in all things. She is a creature made out of love and a true angel at that. She is also, I think, the first defined character I wrote. And you know what they say, right? You never forget your first.

6. The fancy one!
Your flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy clothing. 

I don't think I really got a flashy character. Both Sterre and Jamie have a closet filled with pretty, stylish, clothes and Foxy is addicted to shiny jewellery and gemstones, just like Ren and Ruya love glitter in general (yes it runs in the family), but none of them I would especially describe as 'fancy'. Okay, maybe Ruya, Ruya got a thing for fancy, shiny, revealing dresses with loads of glitter.

[reference] Foxy by mssmrphs  [reference] Ren by mssmrphs  [reference] Ruya by mssmrphs

7. The rare one
'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

This is definitely Azar. alimarije has a way of making jaw-dropping designs, but the first time I saw this concept for a Flight x E'ves baby I knew right away that I would never want anything else for a baby of them. I am still very very grateful that she gave this design to me and there is no way I will ever let go of him. Not even to start about the fact that he has now found the love of his life in the cutest creature of the world (also of Ali's hand): Dille.
I have bounded very quickly very deeply with him and every time I see something of Dille, my own mind blockades and the only thing I hear is 'DILLE, IT'S DILLE, LOOK AT HER!! ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, SMART, WONDERFUL?! I LOVE HER!!' I love how he loves her and all the more because he is quite reserved the rest of the time. I guess he has a tendency of overthinking, but then he sees her and he is like 'she is the one'. And I don't know, that's another reason why I won't let go of him easily anytime - there is just a connection, he speaks to me and that is what I am looking for when I create a character.

[reference] Azar by mssmrphs

8. Weird Attachment
Ever get an adopt character on a whim and then grown very attached? That's this place! 

Devaki, without a doubt. I had a concept of him in my head and then I talked about him to duskbeguile and he simply clicked into place. I knew from the start what he should look like (and all thanks to alimarije to put that onto paper for me <3), but his character followed just as smoothly. He is still a work in progress, but I am totally sold when it comes to him (and I guess I am not the only one, he is a handsome little guy <3)

Another one I would like to mention is Deimos. I didn't exactly get him 'on a whim', because I really wanted to be part of the Booth family for quite some time, but I also didn't want another new character. However, the things Ali had already worked out really spoke to me and I just started to write and he came together so smoothly - I couldn't simply leave him alone anymore. So that's why I got another to add to my pile of characters, hehe.

[reference] Devaki by mssmrphs  [reference] Deimos by mssmrphs

9. The Fandom Character 
You heard me! Everyone's got one, fork them over!

I think Jackdaw is my most fandom based character, since he is basically some kind of evil Peter Pan. For most of the others I got bits and pieces from everywhere and nowhere.

  • Azar's dream eating powers are for example mainly based on a quote from (the description of) the Pokemon Drowzee: "It remembers dream it eats. It rarely eats the dreams of adults because children's are much tastier."
  • Quinn is loosely based on a mixture of Peter Quinn and Carrie Mathison (both from the series Homeland), and he will probably inherit also some characteristics from Division agents out of the Nikita series.
  • Moriarty from the series Elementary was a big inspiration for my criminal mastermind Jamie
  • Part of Devaki's powers are based on something I once read in a child's book ('de Rode Zwaan' by Sjoerd Kuyper I think, but that's a long long time ago). I also wanted to base bits and pieces of his character on Thomas Shelby from the Peaky Blinders, but that just doesn't suit him - so I will save that for a future character, I guess
  • Connor is roughly based on Charles Vane from the Black Sale series, in the sense that I used him as a face claim, and they are both pirates.

10. The newbie 
Okay, who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!

Devaki, Deimos, Fern and even Azar are fairly new to my pile of characters. Not to start about all those babes that got moodboards but no stories (like Quinn or Ivory Blue). The newest thing I am currently working on is a Devaki sister, who not even got a name yet, but too much ideas to spare either way.

I hope you enjoyed this <3 Consider yourself tagged if you read this and if you have any questions left, don't feel afraid to poke me!

First of all: I just can't get over the cuteness of Sandy--Apples's art, I mean, look at this:

Yhhmini Mssmrphs 1 By Sandy  Apples-day2flo by mssmrphsYhhmini Mssmrphs 2 By Sandy  Apples-day2c45 by mssmrphs

go give her some love <3

Second of all, I have been working on a database for all my characters, if you would like to find out more about my characters and other writings, you should definitely take a look at
As stated there: this is a work in progress, most information is already a couple of years old, so don't pin me down on it. I am not an active rp-er, but if you would like to plot with me (I love to plot, I just don't follow up on it), you can always send me a note here or open a topic on CoP (or poke me there, I do keep track of the chatbox)

If you are more of pretty pictures than of words, I invite you to get lost at my pinterest account. Here you can find moodboards for a good deal of my characters.


Don’t chase your dreams.
Chase the God Who has dreams for you.

  1. Azar is one of the three characters I created in a very short time period and fell in love with immediately (the other two are Deimos and Devaki). For me, he just ‘clicked’ into place; everything about him felt just right. At some point I realised he is probably more like me than any of my other characters. While they all inherit some of me, it is usually in extremes, or very specific parts. Azar is more balanced, more like a reflection in some kind of fantasy-mirror: if I were to have any magical powers, if I were to be a man in other world, I could have been him.
  2. alimarije designed a lot of my characters in one way or another. But from all the designs she did, Azar is by far my most precious one. He is absolutely stunning in every aspect and so much to my tastes I can’t possibly put it in words. I love how he is both dark and glowing, and has inherited traits from both his parents. The first time I saw him, I wanted him, and I am ever deeply pleased he is mine.
  3.  Dille. I can’t possibly gather up 10 facts, without including this pretty girl. In my experience shipping characters sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t (no matter how you try to wish it into existence). Dille and Azar is simply a match made in heaven. They just clicked. If something like ‘love at first’ exists in the writing world, that is (for me) what happened between them. From day to day Azar is rather in control of his emotions, but when it comes to her, it is like a certain door gets unlocked and everything pours out. He. Loves. Her. With everything he is, and every fiber of his being. With most things I write, they happen to be flexible. Sometimes 1+1=2, and sometimes it equals 4, or 6. This is not one of these things. He loves her. That’s all there is to it.
  4. Azar is the biological son of two fathers (E’vesdar and Flight), called into live by the powers of a god of another world. Blessed by this god with a touch of immortality, his life energy is fed by the dreams of others. The price he pays for this is high, as the dreamer wakes in terror from the dreams visited by Azar. He leaves a void, a dark and infinite nothingness, in every dream he touches - which he finds to be unforgiving, especially in the case of children’s dreams. Knowing he cannot sleep without visiting, he never sleeps around Dille, determined not to inflict that pain upon someone he loves.
  5. Being haunted by monsters far more terrifying than the void he brings, his niece Wolfsmelk is perhaps the only person Azar knows that can meet him in his own darkness and comfort him there. Innocent and fearless as she is, despite being much younger, she is always there to hold his hand and share his dreams. He does not bother her with real world problems, but instead finds comfort in her faith that you can be both be haunted by demons and still find happiness and joy in your everyday life.
  6. He extracts opium and morphine from poppies, which he sells to people who think they can escape their real life problems by spending their time dreaming. Azar welcomes them in his underground establishment and feeds upon their dreams. He knows that, in almost all cases, these people end up addicted and broke - their lives in ruins -, but he simply does not care. He holds little regard for people that wish to run from reality in this way,  and he is not below providing them with the means to do so. He rather feeds on their dreams, leaves them in terror (in the full knowledge they will keep using the opium and keep returning to this darkness) than preying on the dreams of the innocent.
  7. Due to his powers Azar tends to distance himself from others. He comes across as calm and in control of his emotions, perhaps apathetic even. Important exceptions are his love for Dille, his protective attitude towards Wolfsmelk, and the dark streak he carries towards his opium-customers. He can be rather cynical and hard in his judgements, but usually tends towards giving people the benefit of the doubt. If not for anything else, then just because his soul feels a thousand years old and he is simply to tired to give a damn.
  8. Although he feels restless by nature, and he can wander through the forest and mountains for hours, Azar is not much of a traveler. Despite feeling rootless at times, he prefers to stay close to home and feels most comfortable in the places he build for himself.
  9. Azar is capable of creating objects he dreamt about. Although he tries to refrain from using these powers, he can’t keep himself from creating flowers for the two girls he loves. One of the first things he created with these powers is a couple of black kittens for Wolfsmelk (Hypnos and Morpheus). Like everything created in this way, they look normal enough at first sight, but the longer you look the more you will realise there is something weird about them. They are not exactly black (but sometimes seem to flash a bit blue or purple instead), or they move just a little bit too fast, or perhaps you thought they were there, and then they are not. Of course, Wolfsmelk doesn’t seem to notice all these things, and if she does, she does not care: she loves those little rascals all the same.
  10. Azar has a gift for accepting (most) things for the way they are. He does not carry resent towards his parents for leaving him to be raised with his aunt Nachtschade; and he enjoys every visit he makes to Eves’ ranch. He does not see any trouble in Wolfsmelk, were others take pity on her, and least of all he is bothered by the fact he can love one so deeply as he loves Dille. If he only could be as forgiving for his own powers.…

So I found this really cool template, which means I can finally organize all my characters properly. For now I just put everyone I could think of in there, roughly sorted on universe. If you are looking for in depth descriptions, please back on a later time <3

In the meanwhile just enjoy some pretty pictures (:
Flight3 by mssmrphs

my Golden Boy FLIGHT lineart by Darya87

Welcome back to the ones who followed me here from my old account (P3gasusj3). Welcome to the ones who just happened to stumble across my page. I am Nicky, a 24 year old girl from Amsterdam. Currently I am working as full-time front-end developer. My spare time I mainly spend writing stories and building characters. Since a couple of weeks I picked up some photoshop stuff again - and I must say: I like it more than I care to admit.

If I introduce myself I should, probably, also spent a couple of lines on introducing my beloved characters. For now I will stick to the ones I am currently writing with + some of my other favorites (main reason is because by now I have more characters than I can count).
  1. FLIGHT - Fingall Akesh - male - black hair - golden eyes - Reference - Moodboard - Facts
    Your favourite kind of wrong. on of a dreamer (Myou) and a gladiator (Avareth alimarije). A wanderer. Erratic behavior. Seldom listens. Has knowledge of ages. Son. Father. Brother. Immortal. Eccentric eyes, like smothering coals. Likes motorcycles and dreamcatchers. Never stays. Seldomly attaches. Passionate lover. Holds a storm in his head and a hurricane in his heart.

  2. FOXYMohave Dereith - female - red hair - golden red eyes - Reference - Moodboard - Facts
    'Everyone is a monster to someone.' All skin and bones. Manipulator. Lover and stray-kitten. Once roamed the streets, now rules the world. Leader of the Thieves. Skin of porcelain and a soul of steel. Everything you ever wanted. But will burn down your house and home when you come and try to get it.

  3. KATAR - female - red hair - amber eyes - Reference - Moodboard - Facts

  4. MYOUMarilynn Akesh-Halloran - female - black hair - dark blue eyes - Reference - Moodboard - Facts
    An angel decended to earth. Small from the outside, with a big heart on the inside. The things she can't accomplish are few. Devoted mother, partner and friend. A wanderer and dreamer in heart and soul. Fierce as a lioness when she has to fight for the things that belong to her. Lifemate of Avareth (alimarije). Mother of Fable, Flight, Vouh (alimarije), Reolt (alimarije) and Lune.

  5. RUYA - Ruya Akesh - female - black hair - dark blue eyes - Reference - Moodboard - Facts

  6. STORM - male - blond / brown / black hair - green golden eyes - Reference - Moodboard - Facts
    Dog of war. Born and raised a warrior. Loud. Loyal. Filled up with sarcasm. Harsh and honest. Stubborn and proud. Mocks the gullibility of the world, but deeply regrets the loss of innocence in the same way. Stands for nothing; will kneel for no man. Yet, never stops fighting for the same empty believes. 'Beware for the man who has nothing to lose. For he has only to gain.'
  • Listening to: Songs to sing in the shower
  • Watching: Mad Men / the 100