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[reference] Deimos by mssmrphs [reference] Deimos by mssmrphs
Relentless. Vicious. Outstanding analytical mind. Always quietly brooding. Always looking, always taking in thousands and thousands of details. He doesn’t speak a lot. Is known as the quite one. But his eyes, oh his eyes will tell you there is a whole world to discover there. If he speaks, it is with a silver tongue. He is a charmer, knows how to make you laugh, how to grab and keep your attention. If you want something, he will find a way to get it to you. You’d be a wise man to keep in mind that nothing ever comes for free though. Not that there are much wise men found at the ocean.

This is one of the 100 half-brothers of Booth: Deimos. Son of Acalanthe and infamous Swartnenth. Pirate on the Atlantis Scorn. The One that Waits.

Lineage: Swartnenth (father), Acalanthe (mother), various (half-)siblings, full family tree here

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credits: all the love to alimarije for design, outfit and full body artwork. Just all the love to her in general <3
markings (line-art): left (body) by HorRaw-X; right (head) by Mistyhills
duskbeguile Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Deimos was probably my favorite of the new designs released, SUPER GLAD YOU GOT HIM!!! <3<3<3
also Timo will eat him
mssmrphs Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I totally didn't want a new character, but I was so caught by his design and the small piece of history Ali wrote, that it got me rolling in no time. That and I needed a Booth sibling of course.
As for Timo: I really can't wait to plot with you!! Sent me a message when you have time and energy please :heart:
duskbeguile Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
you need to be in all our families it's obvious yo x'D
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