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Hi guys,long time no see and write!
I want to make a session with vanyAkun Jellal x Erza (I reaaaally love JellalxErza :iconshaplz: <333) and vanyAkun looks really good with his crossplay, right? hohoho :iconpervysasukeplz:
I thought a lot and finally they convinced me and I will to the cosplay of Sasuko :3 (Hope I look well T^T) I have no confidence in me with this cosplay,but,come here new challenges!
My next cos is going to be Chikage Kazama (I really love him *3*),vanyAkun as Okita Souji (she's a real fangirl) and ManhGaas Hijikata Toshizo (Nosebleed you gurls!) -///-

I really want to film a new CMV soon (SasuNaru or SasuSaku) I think is going to be a SasuNaru! 8D
Ah!And I will finish my Okumura Yukio cosplay(the same goes for vanyAkun and ManhGa as Rin and Shura!¬3¬)

Hope u like it!!^^

See ya

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vaya ustedes si que pelean calma pueblo ,pero creo que te quedara bien MssMikan asi que no te preocupes animo :D
MssMikan's avatar
jajaj nah,no peleamos XD
muchas gracias,espero que quede bien la verdad -`.´- tengo tener confianza! XD
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lo tuyo con el inglés es un caso aún más perdido que el mio xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
ea ea ea, tu hazme de sasuko putón y de kushina adorable *w*
MssMikan's avatar
que ahora ya esta bien puesto XD
y dale con sasuko...que mania-.-
y Kushina y Minato caen pero esque FIJO!<3
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eres un sasuke potentorro y serás una sasuko con fangirls etc.
MssMikan's avatar
claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaro que si....
repito cuando me lo haga y me quede mal os odiare mucho ¬¬
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te quedará bien, si no, te dejo elegir un castigo para mi xDDDDDD
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I think that my eyes are bleeding.:iconwthplz:
MssMikan's avatar
hago lo que puedo :iconsadplz:
MssMikan's avatar
help me! :icononiontortureplz:
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