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The Little Western

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Maybe you could make railway series remaking by yourself like your rs photos are werry good by the way I am a GWR fan too

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this is pretty good i am a GWR fan myself and i think this is awsome

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You make amazing Thomas and Friends artwork. 😃

Wait a minute, wheres Donald & Douglas?

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“There are two ways of doing things: the Great Western way, or the wrong way!”
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Станция тут очень круто сделана. Вообще как настоящая. И всё так гармонично вписывается в обстановку.
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Потому что срисовано с иллюстрации почти один в один :) (Smile) 
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Ну, срисовать тоже можно по разному. Нарисовано так, что есть ощущение личного присутствия.
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can you do one of Dilly?
Love Duck’s cheek bumps! F*** CG studio for removing them!
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Your art really reminds me of Kenny’s drawings for the railway series. The realism, the charm, the lovely coloration. Looks great. 
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Are those two gay?
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What gave you that impression?
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The way they are looking at each other lol, not saying it's a bad drawing it's just what the faces look like :)
MSSFM's avatar
They aren't looking at each other. Take a closer look.
MatthewBoucher's avatar
Looked at under a magnifying glass, mope still looks like they are looking at each other
MSSFM's avatar
No, they are looking at Dilly.
letsgoooooooat's avatar
I didn't see Dilly at first
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oh to the dear i am here
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Your Amazing. 
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Yay! This is cool!
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Oh my Godred this is AWESOME!!!!! How on Sodor you can be so freaking amazingly talented when you create these masterpieces I'll never know, but I know for certain you'd have no trouble at winning an award for "Best Fan Made Railway Series Artwork." You'd easily match, if not surpass Peter and Gunvor Edwards at RWS art. You should show this to Christopher Awdry. I'll bet his reaction to this would be either "so amazed he'd have a heart attack" or he'd ask you, "How on Sodor did you create this without Peter and Gunvor or Clive Spong's help?" I'll bet he'd be gobsmacked at how spot on/awesome/RWS-sy this is. I hope you do more of these in the future. Don't ever stop being so awesome and talented!

Greetings from America, Jon.
P.S., you'd be able to impress even Clive Spong with your talent.
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Love it! You remind me of Philip De Hawkins with these!
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