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aka Lord Harry
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Wonder what happened to him? He looks like someone left him out to rust.

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Is this Lord Harry? No this is Patrick.

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Really hope he doesn’t end up like godred

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“A real job at last. Now I’ll show them, now I’ll show them!”
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a little rusted in some places
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patrick is cool. lord harry is an asshole
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Culdee: "He was different, ya know, before he was named Patrick. He wasn't the silent, embarrassed type. He was named Lord Harry, and he was a snooty cunt. Pardon my language, but it's true."

(Culdee remembering)
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"Is this Lord Harry?"

"No, this is Patrick"
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After watching William Rushton's narration of Danger Points, it made me go into that character. I actually found the ending the memorable part. "NO TALES!"
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Why are you so good,s top being so good, it burns, its burns how real and great this looks. AHHHH!!!
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The dark clouds seem to reflect his redemption on Devil's Back.
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You know, if they make more RWS books, they should hire you to illustrate.
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The final book (Thomas and His Friends, 2011) was the official final installment in the series. The words "The End" were even written on the last page, and Christopher Awdry even said he was done at a premiere for TOTB (I think). Plus, if MSSFM were to illustrate, his illustrations would've looked too great (unless he were to recreate existing ones for new editions or something).
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What does TOBT mean? 
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Tale of the Brave (2014).
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I do not make these abbreviations, the rest of the fandom does.
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Awesome picture, you really captured Patrick perfectly. :)
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There's a strange thing with this one where you look into the eyes and you see a strong smirk, you look at the mouth and its slightly more hidden. Amazing!
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