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No happy ending

Mountain Engines - Bad Look-Out
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This makes me so sad

Once an engine attached to a coach its scared of a few pushes of wind .

He gone down the hill sweeshed throught the rails and he fell down the hill

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This was on the Sodor railway’s Video!

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This is one of those things where people outside the fandom complain how Awdry's works were "Sick and messed up." In reality, there was nothing they could do for Godred.

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it's just so sad he must have been crying everyday

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Why couldn't he be saved or stored away until they can fix him?
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Because he was badly damaged and beyond repair... and least not like LADAS, where she was completely wrecked.
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What if someone just steals him away and hid him from scrap.
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Then they'd have just stolen a hunk of dead scrap metal. The only parts of him that were still salvageable were his wheels, pistons, motion, and frames. Everything that made him alive was gone, destroyed, wrecked beyond fixing.

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Worse than that.
Because he was badly damaged and beyond repair, no money was used or saved to mend him.

For that, he was permanently put in the back of the shed where his parts were stripped and used as spare to mend the other mountain engines.

If you read the Mountain Engines book, Culdee mentioned that Godred got smaller and smaller until there was nothing left as time went on.
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Well, I don't think it's fair for Godred.
I believe nothing is beyond repair.
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I agree with you. Have you seen any of those automotive restoration shows? The guys on those programs are good at resurrecting machines people left to rust. And even if they can't restore something completely, they just make the machines into something else that still works in another way.

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that's not a happy ending
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But what season and episode he appeared?

Well if is episode appeared in TV you now how dark is episode

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it was in the railway series and the book was never broght to tv

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"Poor Godred got smaller.......and smaller.......and smaller.......'til nothing was left"
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Then what happened to the face then did they sell it or did they chop it up and use it for meat to feed the employees or something?
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