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Number 2 "Stanley": Listen, bud! In the States, we don't care a dime for a few spills!

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He deserves another chance.
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They gave him another chance, and he blew that too. He blew his second chance so hard that he wound up contributing to the Mid-Sodor's closure.

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Don't look so down smudge, maybe one day you'll have a chance to fix things!
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I bet Smudge now regrets being so rough.
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He has a name, Smudger
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listen dukie, who worries about a few spills?
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I have a theory *Game theory plays*
So, What if when they bought Stuart and Falcon they also wanted the generator!
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No, he broke down, which caused the mines to flood.
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"Listen bud! In the states we don't give a dime for a couple a' spills!"
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Stanley then gets turned into a pumping engine.

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Man...smudger is dying...
I think he's actually dead. That whole section of the line where he and Duke worked was buried in mud.
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Smudger ain't dead stupid
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I doubt it. Thomas and Friends is a KIDS SHOW.
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He was presumably buried by all the landslides that submerged Dukes shed. And with far less protection, he's definitely no longer with us.
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meh. he'll find a way to come back to us. also no. 2 was in the slate quarry. there were no reported landslides over on that part of the line. so no. 2 could have survived
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if they ever thought of bringing smudger back, they would've done it already... its been god know how many seasons since his appearance...

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I remember Dorkly compared this scene to Edgar Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado."
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That was Henry in the tunnel
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Smudger: H-help... me
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I imagine this happening after Duke told the little guys his story...

Stuart and Falcon had Jim and Albert finish their jobs for them, so they could visit the poor american.

Stuart: "Uh, Mr. Smudger?"

Smudger: "Oh, hello..."

Falcon: "We're so sorry about what happened..."

Smudger: "Ey, don' cry over me. Just think a' me as an example."

(Stuart and Falcon start to leave)

Smudger: "Wait!"

(The 2 engines reverse back)

Smudger:"Tell ol' Dukey...I'm sorry..."
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