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MSPToons Commission Info [CLOSED] by MSPToons

I'm doing commissions now. If you want something nice, feel free to hit me up. Just make sure you read through the terms and conditions below.

If you want something that's not listed on this chart, feel free to ask me about it! Depending on what it is, I may be able to be of service.

By commissioning MSPToons you agree to the following terms:

1. MSPToons can only accept payment by method of PayPal at

2. Restrictions: MSPToons will NOT create yaoi (boy on boy), yuri (girl on girl), or things of a generally sexual or adult nature.

3. MSPToons reserves the right to decline any commission for any reason. It's not personal; do not take it that way.

4. Communication: Communication will occur primarily through email (if the client has specific needs, accommodations can be made). If MSPToons receives no reply within eight (8) days, an email will be resent. Likewise, if the client does not receive a reply with eight (8) days, MSPToons requests that the email be resent to ensure there is no miscommunication due to a technical error or oversight.

5. Down Payment: A 50% down payment is required after acceptance of the commission but before any work is done.

6. Workflow: A preliminary sketch or layout will be sent to the client to ensure satisfaction as to the accuracy of the desired outcome. If the client is not satisfied, MSPToons guarantees to create one additional sketch at no charge. The client will then have the option to choose which sketch to finalize. If the client requires additional sketches, a 5% charge will be added to the price of the commission per additional sketch.

Emails showing the progression of the work will be sent to the client periodically throughout the course of the process (if desired). MSPToons may ask questions or offer suggestions. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as to ensure the work is satisfactory.

At most, MSPToons will undergo one round of revisions (beyond the initial sketch phase described above) at no charge. Beyond that, each additional revision will add a 5% charge to the price of the commission. A revision occurs when something is changed or reworked at the request of the client, or else when three suggestions or speculative ideas have been offered by the client. If five (5) suggestions or speculative ideas are offered, then the price of two (2) revisions will be added to the final price of the commission (10%). Suggestions offered by MSPToons (if applicable) will not be counted toward revisions.

7. Payment: Upon completion of a commissioned work, MSPToons will send a low-resolution, watermarked thumbnail of the finished work and ask for the remainder of the cost of said commissioned work. Upon full payment, a digital, full-size .png file will be sent to the client (other file types/sizes can be requested at no charge (source files being an exception (see Section 9 (Derivative Works)))). Three (3) days later, MSPToons will upload the work for general viewing (the client will be credited for their involvement).

The final commissioned work will not be sent until full payment is received, and if full payment is not received after a two (2) month period (or another agreed-upon time frame) after the completion of a commissioned work, MSPToons reserves the right to make this known publicly by heavily watermarking the piece with proclamations of the client's failure to pay. If the client attempts to avoid final payment or circumvent these terms and conditions, the same will occur. To remove these watermarks, simply send the final payment in full.

See Section 9 (Derivative Works) for more information about commercial licenses.

8. Refunds: No refunds. Please see Section 10 (Cancellations).

9. Derivative Works: After final payment is received, the client is granted a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license along with the final commissioned work. MSPToons retains the rights to use the work however they wish, as well. If the client fails to credit MSPToons for the commissioned work (even in a derivative work), MSPToons reserves the right to brand the client a thief due to their failure to abide by the license attached to the commissioned work and any derivative thereof.

Alternatively, if the client wishes to use the commissioned work commercially, a commercial license can be purchased for an additional 50% of the final price of the commissioned work. Exclusive rights to and ownership of the commissioned work can be purchased for an additional 200% of the final price of the commissioned work (the price of the commissioned work triples). Source files (if available) of the commissioned work can be purchased for a separate 100% of the final price of the commissioned work.

Purchasing exclusive rights to and ownership of the commissioned work will revoke any rights (commercial or otherwise) MSPToons may have to the commissioned work.

10. Cancellations: If, for any reason, the project must be cancelled by the client before completion of said project, written notice must be given and 15% of the final price of the commissioned work must be paid in addition to the original down payment. A commissioned work cannot be cancelled once it has been completed (see Section 7 (Payment)).

11. Agreement to these terms: By hiring MSPToons, the client affirms that they have read and agree to the terms listed here and will follow the guidelines set in place accordingly. The client also agrees to act maturely and responsibly and will never once consider MSPToons their personal slave and/or manservant. MSPToons will act accordingly, but respect is a two-way street. If respect is not given, there is no guarantee that it can be returned.