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[4/5] What if Ryan and Joseph were in Fire Emblem
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Suspense. It's what makes Fire Emblem boss fights so intense. All that work to clear the map, and now just one final obstacle remains. All that buildup, the tension so thick. A single hit, miss, or critical can change everything.

...exciting, isn't it?

But first, a behind the scenes look at how Ryan and Joseph's mugshots were created. I don't know about you, but one of the most single-most fascinating things about Fire Emblem to me to looking at fan sprites and trying to figure out which parts came from where (since most are spliced from various pre-existing ones).

In part 5, we will finally see who is left standing when the smokes clears.

Part 1: The Approach
Part 2: Showdown
Part 3: Statsheets
Part 4: -----
Part 5: A New Mission
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