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[2/5] What if Ryan and Joseph were in Fire Emblem by MSPToons [2/5] What if Ryan and Joseph were in Fire Emblem by MSPToons
After an excessively long assault on Fort Horvah, in addition to several instances that only Sans will recognize, Ryan finally reaches the heart of the border garrison. What he encounters is his worst fears come to fruition: his closest friend betraying him, and the fact that he has to fight the most powerful sage he's ever seen in his life...

What you don't see here is that Joseph actually gets to attack twice, and, if it wasn't for pure water, Ryan would in no way survive.

Well, wait, no, scratch that. Joseph regularly misses multiple 90+% hits IN A ROW every time he plays Fire Emblem. Every. Single. Time. And, then, of course, enemies somehow manage to hit multiple 8%'s in a row, and they hit more 30%'s than they actually miss. You think I'm joking, but ask Ryan. We both have the text message record of where I've told him I keep missing all my 90+ hits and then he laughs at me. }:[

-inhale-  Okay, rant over. Either way, Ryan's got pure water for safety's sake. Can't ever be too careful.

Part 1: The Approach
Part 2: -----
Part 3: Statsheets
Part 4: Mugshot Process
Part 5: A New Mission
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August 24, 2017
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