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[1/5] What if Ryan and Joseph were in Fire Emblem
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At long last, Ryan's army reaches the infamous Fort Horvah, which is said to be unconquerable. Upon arrival, the air is quiet, and, since the main force of Lystra's army is still a week away, morale is high. Unfortunately, Lystra has spared no expense in fortifying their border. And, to make matters worse, Lystra has even turned one of Ryan's closest friends against him...

What happens when you fanboy over Fire Emblem for too long? Something like this, probably.

In making this 5-part behemoth, I learned more about pixel art than ever before, and I even learned how to rip sprites straight from ROMs because apparently certain ones I needed were nowhere to be found online (and even then I still ended up just manually reconstructing half of an asset by using pieces I had managed to find online). I almost even starting ROM hacking just to make a custom level and save myself the headache of making pixel-perfect comics like this one.

Needless to say, that didn't happen.

And by pixel-perfect, I do mean pixel-perfect. I spent more time researching and comparing screenshots pixel-by-pixel for nearly everything than I actually did creating it. I kept as true to Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Blade) as I possibly could, but I ended up having to use Sacred Stones' dialogue text sprites because I couldn't find Blazing Blade's (and I didn't want to track down the ROM just for one sprite sheet).

Anyway, enough rambling; there are still four more parts to see.

Also, in case you're curious, this map starts with 50 enemy units, and includes up to 10 very inconvenient reinforcements.

Part 1: -----
Part 2: Showdown
Part 3: Statsheets
Part 4: Mugshot Process
Part 5: A New Mission

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