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Animes/Manga from: [In order]
:bulletred: Bleach
:bulletred: Nodame Cantabile
:bulletred: Chihayafuru
:bulletred: Rockin' Heaven
:bulletred: Detective Conan / Case Closed
:bulletred: Higashi no Eden / Eden of the East
:bulletred: Hapi Mari
:bulletred: Ano Hana
:bulletred: La Corda D'Oro
:bulletred: Kamisama Hajimemashita

I will write some short paragraphs on why I love these pairings tomorrow! G'night :'D

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EDIT- I'll write in my reasons for each now~

IchiHime - This is one of the first pairings I've ever shipped and it's been my top 1# since I was 11 or 12. I don't remember. I've practically seen all the fanarts of this pairing and read mostly all the fanfictions. I just love their compatibility and how theirs personalities click with each other and support one another. I can write a 1000-word essay on this pairing, but I won't. LOL

Nodame x Chiaki - My favourite pairing from my favourite anime of all time. They are hilarious, beautiful and strong when put together. They re the ultimate duet - A conductor and a piano prodigy. Plus, the fact that they show romantic affection less compared to a real couple makes all their cute moments even more special.

Taichi x Chihaya - I didn't actually like this pairing from the start of Chihayafuru. I was rooting for Arata at the start but when they all grew up to be teenagers, I liked Taichi more. He says such adorable things about her. "I'm hopelessly in love." and "I want to choose the girl I love." Stuff like that. It's adorableee! Plus, he's like the under dog of the love triangle. I love those usually.

Sawa x Ran - Favourite pairing from my favourite manga! :3 They're so cute together and I love re-reading Rockin' Heaven to see the beautiful relationship that started out as hate grow into love. It's so well written and the transition is flawless, well at least for me.

Heiji x Kazuha - I haven't been a DC fan for that long to be honest (only for five months approx) but this pairing struck out to me the most in DC, more than the other Canon pairings like Ran/Shinichi, Mouri/Eri, Shinichi's Parents, and Takagi/Sato. I love how they're childhood friends and care for each other so much! : )

Saki x Akira - So much chemistry together and they're so lovable. I wish more could have been going on between them in Higashi no Eden. D; My headcanon is that they got back together eventually. ;3

Chiwa x Hokuto - Not much can be said. They're adorable and can also be sexy. They have such a strong bond.

Tsuruko x Yukiatsu - I watched Ano Hana and this couple struck me even more than the main couple which was Menma and whats-his-name. Jenta? No...Jinta yeah. LOL See, that couple was pretty simple and cute and all but Tsu and Yuki are much more interesting for me. I love how they're both honor students and really intelligent. I like how they're kind of like partners-in-crime too. LOL Plus, he's hot and she's pretty.

Len x Kahoko - Out of all the harem guys for Kahoko, I liked her with Len the most. Violin duos for the win!

Nanami x Tomoe - Cuties. 'Nuff said.
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SeptembersongHobbyist Traditional Artist
Not gunna lie, I started cheering when I saw Heiji and Kazuha... their so under appreciated. It also made me happy I knew like all your shows! :D Lovely list. :)
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MsPastelHobbyist Interface Designer
ty ^_^

HeiKazu <33
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i only know the first and last ones XD (love them btw)
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