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Featured: DO NOT SUBMIT HERE. Submission to featured will be denied.

Trolls: Any art centered on fantrolls, including grubs and ancestors. No canon characters or humans allowed. Trollsonas are fine.

Humans: Any art of fankids, including their guardians. Again, no trolls or canon characters.

Fanspecies: Non-canon HS related species.

Other species: Carapaces, Cherubs, Lusii, Felt, Consorts, ect. As long as it's canon.

Multiple species: Humans, trolls and others in one piece of art. If it's focused on a troll or human but includes a lusus/animal, it can just go in the Trolls/Humans folders!

HS style sprites: Sprites (no, not the SBURB construct type.) Look at the folder to see what kind of sprites should go here.

Talksprites: RP/Conversation talksprites.

Ministrifes: The feastings style pixels seen in the Ministrife flash.

Trollcall cards: Fantroll/Fankid art done on the trollcall infocard template. Can be just generic hiveswap style sprites too.

Adoptables: HS related adoptables of any species.

OC + Canon: The ONLY place in the group that can include actual canon homestuck & hiveswap characters.

Base sheets and Resources: Bases and spritesheets relevant to homestucks style.

Pesterlogs, Panels and Rooms: Any kind of story related stuff, whether it be actual stories or just character planets/bedrooms.

Miscellaneous: Anything that doesn't belong anywhere else! Currently has a lot of character sheets and babies of canon characters.

NSFW: smut hell

Gallery Folders

[main trollsona] lol my keyboard isn`t working man by watermelon-adopt
Talksprites: Krypt'n Chamae by AlleycatIrony
Icon Dump 1 by AlleycatIrony
[AF17] Adecus by infinipede
Fantroll Adoptable OPEN 2/3 (Paypal only!) by JoelBlade
Seiber finally gets one too by Shaqccident
(Bonus) Dreamers by Shaqccident
[AF] an artist... by millennialSpectrum
Fizzy Drink by SereisHere
Hiveswap Troll Call ID by ghostyGecko
Maid: Ascend by IamaCutie
Sylph: Revive by IamaCutie
allie kesia by SpaceSquiddles
HYIAAAAA by Magdaneela
Fliyt Character Sheet- Glowan (Now with Wings!) by SlayersStronghold
LoopBreak: A cosmos behind the glass by dsp2003
Other species
these kids by Magdaneela
Hard to destroy with Love or Hope by HootisPootis
Kandirksprite by SereisHere
4-18-19 by solomongrvndy
Multiple Species
take your shoes off and share the controllers by Maemoth
!!GemGina!! by Princeline
Eonbreak Teaser? Confirmed? by xXAuraTaurusXx
1tentaclesalad by Panur
HS style sprites
Hopeful Hearts (OTA) by Cor-pus
The light (OTA)(CLOSED) by Cor-pus
The Rageblood (HS) by Cor-pus
The Hopeblood (HS) by Cor-pus
Taby Foster Talksprite by SpectrumUntitled
Tori Foster Talksprite by SpectrumUntitled
Fankids Talksprite by DeepSeaHorror
Talksprites: Krypt'n Chamae by AlleycatIrony
Updated OC List by AlleycatIrony
Ministrife: Beta by thENDerLord
Brista Minisprite by thENDerLord
Alpha Fantroll MINISTRIFE!! by thENDerLord
Trollcall Cards
Hiveswap: Opaler Info by YanstarPrior250
Hiveswap: Chypro Zernex by jag2583
Audrey Viiru by jag2583
[HS] Troll Call by Flamingo-sama
Hiveswap Fantrolls Auction [Closed] by YanstarPrior250
OC + Canon
Peak of Jadeblood Fashion by KamiyaAkuto
Base sheets and Resources
HS Sprite Base | Aesthetic Outfits by Voidrot
Pesterlogs, Panels and Rooms
Land of Sakura and Tea by Shaqccident
Auction Adopt // Plague Doctor Fantroll [CLOSED] by Iivingdead

Mature Content

||COMMISSION|| for TacoFriday20xx by Sboony


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Founded 9 Years ago
Jul 19, 2010


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2,628 Members
1,962 Watchers
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So this is the make ur own Homestuck character and don't get judged group?
Kavtanical-Garden Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty sure; people are chill and on some other groups - all fantrolls and HS ocs are accepted into the group
Deaderidan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016
looking for troll customs…
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here's an example of one, i need practice.
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