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August 5, 2008
Sidebar Skin by ~MSP07 for Miranda IM displays beautiful simplicity along with a stunning transparent interface. If you use this IM Client, I highly recommend this as a necessity! "well said Studio-Fubar ;-)"
Featured by mrrste
Suggested by Studio-Fubar
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Sidebar Skin

It's my first Miranda IM Skin.
It is designed for Modern Contact List Layered.
I hope you will enjoy =)

Icon Set: XPK by Pavel Kiselev

Fonts: Segoe UI (Contacts), Calibri (Second Line)
These fonts were published by Mircosoft for Office 12 and Windows Vista
© 2008 - 2021 MSP07
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mrcoolangelo's avatar
Congratulation excellent. Thank you for sharing.
razzberry's avatar
I <3 this design for Miranda.

Am hoping to toss up my own one day soon. Because Miranda is the best IM program online.
Looks like I'd have to switch to miranda from psi only because of this beatuful skin!
plander's avatar
fuck man great skin, I'm shocked
Crawres's avatar
really great skin :)
ethsza's avatar
Also is there any way to get the statusbar back? (I have gtalk, MSN and Sametime protocols, none of them are visible)
ethsza's avatar
Looks great. How do you remove the expand/collapse ( + - ) icons from groups?
Eximiron's avatar
Well, this is great. But it would be greater if you'd guide me how to use this? :D
VexVishnu's avatar
By far my favourite yet although I'm still trying to set it up how I like haha.
dekuk's avatar
Starfox444's avatar
Great skin, and I'm using it :)

I have one question, How can I set miranda to have the contacts aligned to the left and the avatars on teh right like in your screenshot?
kran-le-troll's avatar
Nawzlew's avatar
How do I get rid of the menu options at the top? It has the "x" on it.

transik555's avatar
hi cool skin i almost aplyed it on my miranda, but still one thing cant se how to i put another icons?
Seyverin's avatar
Och, ich find das geht eigentlich;)

Ein super Skin, ich würde sagen "puristisch", so hab ichs gern.
Ich komm eigentlich ganz gut selber klar aber ich wüsst gern mal ob du "mydetails.dll" deaktiviert hast oder hast du es nicht drin?
Ich finde nämlich keine Möglichkeit es aus dem Skin zu entfernen ohne auf die Statusnachricht zu verzichten.
Seyverin's avatar
Ach, und außerdem wäre ich dir himmelhochtausendmal dankbar wenn du auch die restlichen Skins in Angriff nehmen könntest, sprich Nachrichtenfesnter, verlauf und die popups und die näheren infos bei den Kontakten.

Das wäre genial!

Denn dieser Skin beisst sich gerade mit meinem Adium Skin :(
blackjackel2's avatar
Can you make a guide on how to install/apply this (no one ever makes one seriously...) in English please >.< Also really like it tho can't use because I don't know how to apply >.> (google didn't help at all)
eine autoexec.ini für den skin wäre super. es ist eine riesige frickelei, wenn man es so wie im screenshot haben will ;)

ansonsten ein sehr schöner und simpler skin :) gute arbeit!
i0de's avatar
Is it possible to have the glass blur effect like Windows Aero on this theme?
theNameless9's avatar
theNameless9's avatar
Arrr... But I just can't figure out where I can change the color of the second line... :/
Black-Pixel's avatar
I'm using this with a Wallpaper from Space, looks just awesome. I love it for it's simplicity.
MSP07's avatar
vielen Dank, ich kann sogar deine Sprache! xD
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