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You guys are bad....

Here you guys are, dissin' Leo Dicaprio and stuff so badly, then I go into my Deviant entries and I see that Leo got 105 downloads!

Hmm Interesting ain't it. Either all of you guys are closet Leo fans, or there's one mad mutha out there who's downloaded Leo 105 times!!

Catchya around guys. Just thought I'd mention this.

Mark Soon
Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments again. I really don't mind u guys dissin' Dicaprio all u want..coz I am not really a fan of his.

But i think there's enough Dicaprio dissin' on my page don't u think? How bout you guys find a picture that you really think is cool.. Some big star or something, and I'll paint it. THat way we can rid Leo off this site forever :)

Waiting to hear from whoever wants to step forth.....


Mark Soon
HI guys,

I would just like to thank all those guys who commented and voted for my " Boy Wonder " painting. I guess the effort was worth it afterall. :)

2 days after submitting, I thought no one liked my painting coz I hardly anyone looked at it or said anything bout it. Was almost gonna give up painting till I saw this DD award come in.

My very first! THanks Matteo for picking it out from the crowd.

Keep burnin' that midnight oil ,

Mark Soon