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A 20 year old rapper named XXXTENTACION died due to being shot on June 18, 2018 from driving from a motorcycle dealership. It was a sad day for many of his family, friends, and fans. He will be remembered by his amazing music and missed for spreading positivity and inspiration. R.I.P, man. Love you.
So, Black Friday is basically the day after Thanksgiving where stores sell their items for cheap prices (because Christmas). This will probably be the only day you'll see a stampede of people run to Walmart, Target, and etc just to go Christmas shopping.

I really don't like the idea of Black Friday shopping at all. To be honest, I find it pretty pointless. Who would want to go shopping to get presents when a horde of people are crowding the store and taking up space to even move? Like, geez, is buying a blender that costs like $5 really worth it?

Now, I have never been Black Friday shopping (cause i'm a teen) and NEVER will. BUUT from the videos i've seen of this event, I would never want to. If I were to go Christmas shopping, I would go before or after Black Friday.

So, from what i've seen from this event, it's basically a bunch of full grown adults crowding against the store doors, yelling and crap. As soon as the doors open, it goes from 0 to 100. People rushing in, trying to pick out as much presents as possible so they can get the hell out.

People would go as far as to STEAL things from one another and/or fight over items like two kids tugging back and forth on a damn toy. No joke, but i've seen a video of a woman snatching a box away from a kid during Black Friday.(who would even bring their kid lol). It's not just fighting over items. I've seen videos of Black Friday that have mass fights happening during the event (which is very idiotic. Is it really worth fighting over? Lol).

The main reason why I don't like Black Friday Shopping is because it's just too violent and I don't like being surrounded by that crap. I just wanna pick out presents without someone trying to take it from me or us fighting over a fucking game console that happens to be last in stock. I also find it very pointless. But eh, you might think differently, and that's okay.

That's all I wanted to say. Have a good day. <3 (Or night XD)
So, has come to my attention that back in 2015, I did some..."requests". But...I never did any. XD Well, I did ONE, but it was just a crappy base drawing that I will most likely re-draw later.

For those people who requested drawings from that time, and I didn't do them, I AM SOOO SORRY. ;W;

So, i'm doing some requests and if any of you want any drawings of your OC or a drawing from a cartoom or something, then comment below. :3

JUST TO MENTION (and you better read. >.>):
If you think i'm NOT a good artist to take requests from, do not ask me to draw for you. =_= Also, if you want me to draw one of your OCs or a character from an anime/cartoon, please provide a picture for reference. I will try to do as many as possible, so don't complain if I don't do yours. (Another thing, i'm not good at drawing guys, so people...bare with meh. ;w;)

Have a noice day. -w-
Hi. owo

So, you guys know Alice? :O (The red girl with the green hair. idk why i even made her like thay lol) Yeah, she's not gonna be red and green anymore. :U (still don't know why i designed her like that lol) I re-designed her skin color and her hair. (And don't worry. It's not gonna be some wacky colors this time xD) I would have just shown you by editing one of the pics of her, but i'm having some computer problems. :(
I have also given her two big sisters, who have also have official designs (Magic and Normal) I might post pics later on though. X3
I've even made a story that goes with them, but again, will post it later.

One last thing. You know those characters that I used to use? Sycamore, Seymour, Natusko, Akaya, and Ryu? I'm thinking about re-designing them mainly cause I wanna use my own drawing style and not a base and make them look better. :3

So, yeah..that's all I wanted to say. X3
Jessica screams and keeps looking at himself. "H-How did this happen!? I-I'm a man!" He touched his chest and his hair. He even looked in his pants. "I don't even have girl parts anymore!!" He kept freaking out, until someone knocked on the bathroom door.

 "Hey, are you okay in there?" The same feminine voice asked. Jessica trembles when he heard the voice. 'Oh god, oh god...' He thought. 'I can't let her hear me like this...she might call the cops on me..' 

An idea popped in his head and he tried speaking in a girly voice.

"U-Uh...yeah! I'm okay!" he says in the girly voice. The feminine voice giggles. "Why are you talking like that?" The voice asked. 'She's onto me!' Jessica thought. "Well, i'm coming in there." The voice said. 'Oh no! Don't come in!' Jessica thought as he trembles again. 

The doorknob turned and Jessica trembled more, his heart beating fast when the door opened. Jessica closed his eyes.
"....who are you?" The voice said. "DON'T CALL THE COPS, I-" Jessica opens his eyes and his eyes widen again.

A woman, shorter than him, was standing in front of him. Long brown hair, slim waist. Jessica kept staring at her.

"Uh...hellooooo? Anyone there?" The woman says, waving a hand in front of his face. 
Jessica flinches and looks at her. "S-Sorry! W-What did you say?" The woman sighs. "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" She asks him. "W-well, you see- WAIT A MINUTE! YOUR house!? This is not your house! This house belongs to Trent. I should be asking you that question." Jessica says.

The woman raises an eyebrow. "The heck are you talking about? This IS my house." Jessica scoffs. "PFFT. Yeah right. You're not Trent. Therefore, you don't live here. So leave." He says. The woman frowns at him. "You can't just tell me to leave my own house! And FYI, I AM Trent." 

When the woman said that, Jessica's eyes widened. "Don't you lie to me. You're not Trent. Trent is a male." He says. "What are you talking about, I-" The woman's eyes widen when she starts talking. "....what happened to my voice?" She asks. "Hm?" Jess asks. "M-My voice..why does it sound like this...?" Jessica raises an eyebrow. "You're a female." The woman gently pushes Jessica out of the way of the mirror and touches her face, her hair, her breasts, and she even looked in her pants.

"....pinch me, I must be dreaming...."

"Okay." Jessica pinches her and she squeals. "HEY!" Jessica laughs. "You said to pinch you." Trent sighs and looks at Jessica. "Wait, where's Jess...?" Trent asks.
"I'm Jess." She says.
"JESS!?" Trent's eyes widen again. "The one and only." Jessica grins. "How did this happen!?" She asks. "I have no idea.." Jessica says.

Then, there was silence.

"...there's only one thing to do." Jessica says. "And that is..?" Trent asks. 

Jessica walks past Trent, picks up the phone, and proceeds to call 911. 

"Uh..Jess? What are you doing?" Trent asks. "Oh, just calling the hospital." Jessica smiles. Trent's eyes widen and takes the phone away from Jessica, hanging up. "JESS." Trent frowns at him. "What?" Jessica says, confused. "What are you doing!? We can't just call the hospital about this! They'll think we're crazy!" Trent says. "How are we supposed to know what happened then?" Jessica asks Trent. 

"I guess just deal with it for now." Trent says. 
(Eh, here's another song quotes I like.. :3)

"I need to be the one who takes you home"
-Ariana Grande

"You're the light, you're the night, you're the color of my blood"
-Ellie Goulding
(Gonna be doing some of my favorite song quotes! :D Idk if i'll be doing it much though. :P )

"I'm gonna swing from the chandelier"
"When I die, i'm a legend"

"I'll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife"

"My name's Blurryface and I care what you think"
-Twenty one pilots

(Yeah, that some. -w- )
Have a nice say
You are welcome to critique my art of you like. ^^

Keep in mind that art critiquing is NOT saying something like

"omg ur art sucks" 
That is NOT art critiquing. :|

"I think you should do (blah blah blah) instead of (blah blah blah). Also, do more of (blah blah blah) and don't do much of (blah blah blah)."
THAT is critiquing. :D (I think....)

Making rude comments on people's artwork, stories or pictures is not critiquing. That is rude and if you don't like my artwork or anyone else's artwork and stories or pictures and you hate it, keep your comments to yourself and leave the person's DA page and don't watch them or visit their DA page. But, this is the internet and I don't have control of what people do or what people say. Just pointing that out.

(Also, keep in mind that the art style that i'm doing now will be my drawing style until I can improve.)

So, if you have any pointers on how I can improve on drawing or any critiquing, please do so on any more drawings/stories that I put up. :D 

Have a nice day. :)
Okay, i'm just gonna let this out there real quick.

I don't understand why the fuck people tell other people on the internet (and even irl), who they don't even know well, what to do. Someone PLEASE explain why. :/
If you believe in something and other people don't agree with you, that doesn't give you the right to tell people to start believing in something that they don't agree with. -___-
People can do whatever they want and believe in whatever they want. You don't have the right to change people's mind against their will.

Btw, this didn't happen to me irl or on the internet. I was just thinking about it.
Maxfield Raoul is a 17 year old boy. He was born in a small town and he was the only child in the family. His mom and dad didn't have time for him since they both worked, so he pretty much spends most of his time alone. He doesn't really have that much friends , and he doesn't have any siblings to talk to, so he is pretty much an outcast and a loner.

He has brown hair and blue eyes. You will most likely see him wear a white shirt with a blue-looking collar with his favorite jacket which is a Letterman jacket that his dad let him have. The band-aids that he has on his face are due to when he fell down somewhere. 

He as a kitten, by the way, Her name is Crystal. Maxfield found Crystal one day when he was walking home from school when it was raining. She was soak and wet, so Maxfield took her home so she can dry off. When he took Crystal home, his parents would not let him keep her. But, he didn't really listen to them at all. After a few days of having her, she grown quite attached to him and followed him everywhere he went. He even talked to her sometimes and it seemed like she listened to him. His parents called him "crazy" and "insane" for talking to a cat, but he didn't really care. He had put a pink bow on her head, and she liked it. Crystal kept Maxfield company and he didn't feel alone. 

When he goes to school, he sees people staring at him ,sometimes even talking about him. The guys says that he's a loser, and a lone-wolf guy. They would sometimes joke with him, but he didn't pay any attention to it. They would joke about him being a loner and an outcast, and would sometimes make fun of Crystal. Crystal tends to hiss and scratch at them, by the way.

The girls would say that he's cute and the mysterious-type of guy. They wouldn't approach him or anything. Well, they actually WOULD sometimes. You see, Maxfield sits at lunch. Alone. The group of girls would sit where he is. Two girls would sit on each side of him, while the others sat across from him. He feels uncomfortable when the girls sit too close to him and would stare at him. They would ask questions about his life and his kitten and stuff. He usually never responds to them. He would sometimes pretend they weren't even there. He would even get up and move somewhere else. He didn't think of them as friends. He thought if them as nuisances. 

When you talk to Maxfield, he would be pretty cold with you at first, but would eventually turn out pretty nice and will actually start talking to you more. No one ever saw him smile on a daily basis. Just with his kitten. She's probably the only thing that makes him happy. If only he had one friend.....
*sigh* Cyber-bullying.

Before I start ranting about this, I just wanna tell you what the two forms of bullying is (if you don't know that is)

Bullying comes in two forms; Verbal and Physical  (possibly more forms of bullying that I don't know, but oh well) 
Physical bullying is hurting another, like punching, beating: basically harming. Verbal bullying is like, talking about someone behind their back, spreading nasty rumors, threatening, blackmail and stuff. And I want you to know, bullying doesn't just happen to children and teens, but it happens to adults and elders too.

Cyber-Bullying is a verbal form of bullying.
This is cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying is when a person bullies someone over the internet and social media and/or chat rooms. They threaten, harass, and insult repeatedly 
If you are a person that is Cyber-bullying, let me ask you this, and I want you to remember this and put yourself in their shoes.
Do you know what that person is going through in real life? Do you know if that person has severe depression or suicidal? How would you like for someone to bully you over the internet or in real life? (And don't you dare say that you would cuss them out if you saw them in real life, cause I know half of you out there wouldn't do a damn thing. Quit trying to act tough)  What if that person is getting bullied in real life at school or work? You don't know them well, and you don't know what takes place at home. The person you could have constantly bullied could have been going through a lot more than you in real life like being abused

You think that saying a simple phrase "Kill Yourself" is just a joke or prank or something. But I wanna let you know what happens when you say that stuff to the wrong person.

Sometimes, there are people who are suicidal, and will actually do that. Most people who commit suicide have been abused or bullied. Either one (or others). So think about it

If you are a person that is being Cyber-bullied, I want you to remember this:

If a person is Cyber-bullying you, do not Respond. That's what they want you to do. The only thing responding does to the comment is give them more reasons to insult and bully you, therefore it makes it worse.

Keep the Evidence. If you are in one of those chat rooms, take a screenshot. (Even if you WITNESS *saw* it.)
FIND A TRUSTING ADULT. Tell your parents, tell your principal, teacher, some TRUSTING grownup or good friend that will actually HELP you. Don't just find some random mean person and tell them that (cause I doubt they will do a damn thing about it.).

If you witness a person getting bullied on the internet or in real life (and I swear to fucking god I see this all the time on videos and stuff and none of those stupid people do this), I want you to Intervene (stand up for them and help them). Do not EVER (AND I MEAN EVER) be a bystander. If you see someone getting bullied, you had BETTER help if the victim can't do anything.

I want Cyber-bullying to stop for good. There are too many people in real life and online having to be the victim of some bullies. Bullying in general is NOT RIGHT and SHOULD NOT be taken lightly AT ALL.

And to all of my friends, if you agree with this, you can spread it if you want. The more people spread, the better.
(Re-doing this chapter cause I wanna be more descriptive and other stuff. ENJOY! :D)

 It was a very quiet morning. About 9:00. A young woman named Jessica was sleeping in the bed, tossing and turning a couple of times. The morning light shined through the window and the light went on her face. "Ugh..turn off the sun..." She puts the blanket over her head. Someone knocked on her door and said. "Jessica, wake up. I'm about to make breakfast." A feminine voice said. 'Wait..who's that? I don't remember any girls being here..' Jessica thought. 'Meh. It's probably just my imagination.' 

Jessica sat up and looked around the bedroom. It wasn't her room. "Huh..?" She made a confused look on her face. "Oh, that's right! I spend the night at Trent's place." She remembers. She gets up, stretches, and walks towards the door and opens it. "Hm..." She makes her way to the bathroom, turns on the sink, and starts putting water on her face. "That should wake me up."  Jessica takes a towel and dries her face off. She then looks in the mirror and her eyes widen. "W-Wha...the...?"

When she looked in the mirror, she had a look of shock and confusion on her face. Her dark brown hair had gone from long to short. Her breasts were no longer there, but replaced with pecs and abs. She had grown taller too. "I-I'm...a man..." Her feminine voice had gotten deeper and she covers her mouth. "....."

She screams. (or should I say, he screams)
You're such a wuss.
- No i'm not! DX

Ha! But I'm smarter than you!
- Okay?

Your crush has a crush on me
- Yeah... :/

I didn't know you were so dumb when it comes to math
- *grumbles* =n=

Hurry up would you?
- Don't rush me woman/man! DX

You're so snobbish
- I'm not snobby. -n-

Wanna settle this outside?
What a lovely day outside~! <3

You afraid of me?
- Hahahahahahahah! Nope.

He/she loves me more!
- *sulks in the corner* ono

You have bad grades
- Grades WILL improve! :D

What if your crush told you...

I have a crush on you
- ........say what? o-o

I don't love you.
- *shrugs* :/

I think I love you already
- o-o What.....?

Can T copy your answers?
- NO. =____=

I think I have a crush on your friend
- Which one.....? : |

Can I sit next to you?
- *shrugs* Go ahead.

Would you like to dance with me?
- Sure! ^^

I think you have a crush on me
- WHAT!? O_O

you have a cute smile
- T-Thank you~! >w<

Why are you so nice to me?
- Cause i'm a very nice person~ =w=

What's your reaction if your parents told you...

Go home before it gets dark
- o-o ......okay......

Look at your sibling, he/she is so good at school
- That's good. :)

Go to bed early
- .......okay......? :T

Clean the house, wash the dishes, water the plants
- I SHALL GET TO WORK!!! .....right after watching Netflix. =w= *watches Netflix*

Study hard ok?
- Kay-Kay. -w-

When i was your age I only had 1 peso as lunch money
- ......I'm not Mexican. o-o

Why can't you be more like him
- Cause i'm not a clone of him. =n=

When I say no... I MEAN NO!
- O-O ......okay then.......
Seymour: Sees a blue and purple genie lamp. "Holy fudge! A genie lamp!!!" Picks up the genie lamp. "Now, i'll finally get FREE WISHES~!!!" OUO Rubs the lamp.

*a blue haired, three curled genie comes out*
Seymour: O____O
Genie!Sycamore: "Hello there, baby bro!  I'm your genie! And I will grant you three wishes! Not one, not two, but THREE wishes!!" OUO "Now, what's your first wish~?" =w=
Seymour: o-o "WHAT THE HELL!? I wish you were back in the lamp!" DX
Sycamore: "Oka- Wait, WHAT!?" O_____O
Seymour: "Bye, bro~" e w e
Sycamore: "WAIT!!" DX *he poofs back in the lamp*
Seymour: XD Throws the lamp somewhere.
Sycamore *inside the lamp*: "...goddammit..." =n=
Ryu: Ryu Oshiro's personality was actually supposed to be evil, but I changed my mind about it. :P Hahah!

Sycamore: Sycamore Masumoto has a crush on Natsuko because she resembles a childhood friend that he once had a crush on in the past. Hmm.....any theories out there~? e w e

Natsuko: Natsuko Hayashi might be updated to wear an eyepatch, because 3 bullies was picking on her little sister. She tries to fight for her sister, until she was brutally punched in the eye by the leader of the bullies, causing a black eye to appear. I haven't really decided yet. Ouch! >.<

Akaya: Akaya Hayashi actually used to have a crush on Sycamore, until one day she asked him out, but she got rejected nicely by him. Well, at least he didn't make her cry.

Seymour: Seymour Masumoto doesn't like the day of his birthday (February 14: Valentine's Day), because he has no one special to celebrate it with. (Sad or no? :/)


Ryuko: Even though she has a very feminine body, Ryuko Oshiro is quite strong. She can actually pick up Ryu and Sycamore (Who are kinda heavy o-o)

Sybella: Sybella is almost as childish as Sycamore, but she's more girly. :3 Sparkles! X3

Natsu: When it comes to Sybella, Natsu is more likely to run away from her than Natsuko would to Sycamore. Yeah, he's a scaredy cat. XD Natsu: "S-Shut up!" DX

Akashi: Compared to his female counterpart, Akashi is a little bit less shy. ^^

Senora: The only time that Senora and Natsu get along is when they discuss different anime/manga with each other! Major anime fans, aren't they~? e u e

Sycamore runs into the mall. "Come on, Syd!" He says. "Alright, alright...i'm coming." Sydney walks in and puts his hands in his pockets. "I don't know why we have to come here anyway. can't we just get them a Christmas card and get it over with?" Sydney asks, frowning.

Sycamore's eyes widen and he slowly turns his head over to his 2p. Sycamore frowns at him. "A Christmas card? Really? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT'S COMING UP SOON!?" He yells. Sydney blinks. "Christmas?" Sycamore nods very fast. "EXACTLY! We need to get our girls something special for a present!" Sydney shakes his head. "I'm not planning on getting Natsuka anything for Christmas." He says.

Sycamore gasps dramatically. "W-What did you say.....!?" Sydney takes out a cigarette and lights it. He puts it in his mouth and blows out some smoke. "You heard me. I'm not getting that crazy girl anything." He says.  "W-Why not!?" Sycamore asks.

Sydney takes the cigarette out of his mouth and blow out smoke. "Have you SEEN what she's done to me this year!?" He says, frowning. "What did she do?" Sycamore asks him. Sydney sighs. "Well.....let's just say she's been a nuisance to me this year." He says. "So? That doesn't matter! You should give her something anyway for the sake of this holiday!" Sycamore says, grinning.

"Yeah. Whatever." Sydney blows out smoke. "What are you gonna get of Natsuko?" He asks him, raising his eyebrow.

"What i'm going to give the gift of LOVE~!!!" He says with imaginary hearts in his eyes. 

Sydney laughs. "That's the lamest gift ever!" He says, still laughing. "Shut the hell up!" He yells at him.

"Whatever. I'm just gonna give the girl a card." Sydney says. "I would say you do the same. It's cheap and a one-way ticket outta this stupid mall." Sydney says, blowing smoke. "I don't wanna give Natsuko a card! I wanna give her something special and long lasting for her! AND YOU SHOULDN'T SMOKE IN A PUBLIC PLACE!!" He takes the cigarette out of Sydney's mouth, puts it on the ground and stomps on it. "Hey! I was smoking that, you bastard!!" Sydney says, growling.

"I don't care." Sycamore says, frowing at him. "Now, let's get shopping!!!" Sycamore happily says and drags Sydney to a store in the mall. Sydney yells. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" He yells as he gets dragged by Sycamore.
Ryu looks in a store for something to buy for Christmas. "Ah....what to many good choices......Ryo, can you-" His eyes widened as he saw his 2p flirting with girls instead of helping him shop. He growls and stomps over to his 2p.

"And, then I punched him in the face and he ran home crying!" Ryo says, smirking and laughing. The girls laugh and giggle. "You're so funny, Ryo!" One girl says. "Thanks, sweet cheeks~" He says. "RYO!!!!" Ryu says, stomping over to him.

"Oh, hey-" Ryo gets cut off by Ryu as he drags him away from the girls. "Hey! Let me go, man!" Ryo yells.

Ryu drags him out of the store and he frowns at him. "......what?" Ryo says as he adjust his sunglasses. "You idiot! I thought you were going to help me shop! Not flirt with girls and let me shop by myself!" Ryu yells at him. "Hey, hey! Calm down, dude~ I was helpin'. I was just....talking to the girls about what I should buy for you!" Ryo says, hoping he will buy it. Ryu rubs his forehead. "Look, I need your help shopping. Christmas starts on Friday. By Christmas Eve, I need to get the party decorations, food, music, and especially the presents! I can't do that if you're flirting with girls and procrastinating! Either help me shop, or go home, Ryo!" Ryu says, frowning, pointing at the door.

"Okay, okay. I get it, man. I promise to help you shop and not flirt with ANY girls." Ryo says, smiling. "Good, now let's go." Ryu starts walking and he sees Ryo flirting with girls again. Ryo looks at him and walks over to him. "S-Starting now.." Ryo says, sweatdropping. Ryu facepalms.
Akaya is walking and carrying a bunch of gift wrapped presents. Trying not to drop them, she attemps to walk to catch up with her 2p, Akane. "Come on, Akaya!'re so slow!" She yells. "C-Coming..!" Akaya yells, finally catching up with her. "Well, it's about time you've caught up. We need to get to the car." Akane says. "A-Akane? W-Why am I carrying all of the presents?" Akaya asks her.

"Listen, you're in charge of carrying the presents, and i'm in charge of buying the presents. Got it?" Akane says. "Y-Yes, Akane..." Akaya says.
Akane rolls her eyes. "Come on. Let's go already." She starts walking, carrying her purse. Akaya starts walking, trying not to drop the presents. Akaya bumps into some people, almost dropping the presents.

All of a sudden, Akaya trips and falls down, dropping all of the presents.

"Akaya!" Akane says, running towards her. "O-Ow...!" Akaya says, rubbing her leg. "Akaya, you klutz! You dropped all of the presents!" She fusses. "I-I'm sorry, A-Akane....I-I tripped and fell..." Akaya says, smiling nervously and rubbing her head.

Akane rolls her eyes. "Well, whatever. Let's go already!" She says. "I-I need a little help...." Akaya says. Akane growls and picks up some of the presents along with Akaya. "T-Thanks, Akane." Akaya says, smiling. "Whatever...." Akane says, frowning.
Natsuko smiles as she looks though all of the stuff in the store. She suddenly hears a girlish squeal and looks at Natsuka, her 2p. Natsuka squeals at a cute teddy bear. "Natsuko! Look at this! It's sooooooooooo cute!!!" Natsuka says, squealing again. "Will you stop squealing? You're drawing attention to us." Natsuko says, frowning a little.

"I'm's just that this teddy bear......." Natsuka squeals again. "IT'S SO ADORABLE~!!!!! Can I get it, Natsuka? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE~?" Natsuka begs her. "No. We're supposed to get presents for our friends and family. Not ourselves. You know what they say~! "It's better to give than to receive"." Natsuko points out.

Natsuka pouts. "B-But, that's not fair! I want it!" She says, whining like a little kid. "The answer is no. That's final." Natsuko says. " least i'll get to buy Sydney something! He's soooooo cute~!" Natsuka says, grinning and squealing a little. "You're such a fangirl!" Natsuko says, smiling and chucking.

"What about Sycamore~?" Natsuka says, smirking playfully. "W-What! Ew! Never in a million years!" Natsuko says, frowning.

As Natsuka walks to another aisle of the store. Natsuko looks at the teddy bear on the shelf. "............" She takes it, puts it in her shopping bag.

~Le end~

Boop! Anyone wanna RP with me? owo Comment below if you wanna!
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Watch this guy! He's awesome and stuff, guys!! OUO
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I had the most AWESOME field trip today! We went to a career convention! ^^ (Now, I know what you're all gonna say. "That the most boring field trip I've ever heard of. Must have been boring." =____= (And if someone says that in the comments, fuck you. -.-) It was awesome! There were so many careers I was really I was interested in! I was really interested in the Hospitality and Torism carrer. >w< They gave us so much stuff and it was really fun! ^w^ And, there was this person who was dressed as a superhero. XD His name was "The Jobinator" XD XD And to make it more funny, there was this boy (And i'm not saying his name for obvious reasons. X3) who just yelled in the background "I WANNA BE A SUPERHERO!" XD Also, we had to wear name tags that had a color code like, Group Gold, Group green, Group blue, and Group red (I was in group red) and we were brought to these groups of career tables! ^^ We could go to anyone we wanted to. We had to rotate to another room filled with even MORE career tables and stuff! >w< They gave us stuff!! >U< There were all sorts of cool stuff like simulations, games, etc! >U<
Overall, it was a fun Field Trip and i'm so glad that I could go! ^w^
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[] You're ok

[] Alright getting better

[] Cute

[] Gorgeous/beautiful

[] Hot!!! B)

[] Perfect~

[] I honestly don't know what you look like! :'D

What we'd look like in a picture:

[] Normal

[] Holding hands

[] Pulling faces

[] Couple poses

Where I'd get your named tattooed on me:

[] My wrist

[] My leg

[] My belly

[] My back

[] My neck

[] My foot

[] My ankle

[] My ass

What we'd do if we lived together:

[] Party, party, party!!!

[] Eat ice cream for breakfast

[] Have pillow fights

[] Go to the bedroom~

[] Have movie nights

[] Cuddle and kiss~

[] Not live together in the first place...

[] Do whatever you wanna do

[] Do stuff...

What I'd do if you snuck into my room at night:

[] Scream!

[] Tell you to get out

[] Grin mischievously

[] Watch movies with you

[] Let you stay the night

[] Kiss/cuddle you

[] Blush

[] Attack you

What I'd do to you in the rain:

[] Push you into a puddle

[] Kiss you

[] Hold you close

[] Let you under my umbrella

[] Give you my jacket

[] Jump on your back

[] Run away

[] Start to sing randomly

[] Dance with you

What I'd do if I saw you naked:

[] Walk out of the room scarred for life

[] Smirk and laugh

[] Take a picture

[] Just stand there awkwardly

[] Say, "What the hell?! Get some clothes on!"

[] Blush

[] Walk out as if nothing happened B)

[] Scare you

[] Take your clothes

What I'd do if we kissed:

[] Smile and blush

[] Be surprised

[] Push you away

[] Pull you closer

[] Bite your lip so you'd bleed

[] Wonder if we would kiss again

[] Slap yo' face!

[] Freak out, squeal and run around

[] Off to the bedroom~

You should...

[] 1. Be my friend

[] 2. Comment to my profile more

[] 3. Watch me

[] 4. Note me

[] 5. Put this as your journal so I can comment too